Bang Saen pics- Ducati heavy

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  1. Some pics from Bang Saen Bike Week (end). Hanging out with the Chonburi Ducati Club...




  2. A brilliant Ducati turnout 31 bikes at the Ducati Club of Chonburi Tent and i counted another 4 around the show .

    Lots of other interesting machines old BMWs ,BSA,Nortons ,and a nice MotoGuzzi.
  3. Yeah, amazing turnout.

    Hats off to the guy (a Thai who looks like the actor, James Woods) from the Ducati Chonburi Club for arranging the tent and the pretties. Ducati Thonglor take note.

    And whoever organised the Bang Saen bike week did an incredible job. Put all the others I attended to shame. Also, a great well-organised fun ride with an incredible number of bikes.

    Can't wait for next year's one.
  4. Baen Saen Bike week was organised by the mafia AKA kamnan Poh,s sons.
    thats why it was done well.

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