Bangkok Bank ATM cards - new chip card NO USE in Laos.

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  1. Taking a break from my Laos trip to get a new Bangkok Bank ATM card in Ubon.

    In Champasak a few days ago I noticed that my card was cracked & somewhat difficult to use.
    So once back in Pakxe I thought it would be a good idea to slip back across the border into Thailand & Ubon to get a new card, rather than end up in Laos with no card & no money.

    At the Bangkok Bank in Ubon then I have a new card issued fairly quickly - the latest “bestest” card, with a chip in it for security.

    The old card is disposed of & then I'm told the new card only works at a Bangkok Bank ATM machine, no other banks.
    Hell I politely said, that's absolutely no good in Laos, where there are only Bangkok Banks in Pakxe & Vientiane – a mere 600 kms apart & only two of them.
    I don’t want this card, but I want the same card as I had before.
    No have.
    Get one – Bangkok or Chiang Mai must have them. I can wait a few days for one to be sent EMS.
    Ring my branch in Chiang Mai & explain the situation to them.
    No we can’t ring.
    Temperature rising….
    I have a phone, please give me a number & I will ring them.
    Ok we will ring. 10 minutes later “no answer.” Cannot contact them.
    Can I speak to the manager please?
    No he is at lunch still.
    Temperature is approaching boiling point.
    Another more sensible gent intervenes & suggests I too go & have lunch, then come back.

    I return an hour later & the situation is still the same – no old card.
    But now I spot the manager in his office & meekly knock on the door & enter.
    He is extremely polite, understanding & says yes you can have an old style card.
    Back out to the counter staff who explain to the manager no stock of the old style card.
    He then rings Bangkok = no stock either. Can you wait 2 weeks & you can have one?

    Oh well problem solved. No thanks, I would just like a sizeable amount of cash for the next few weeks in Laos then.

    So how it all works.
    The Bangkok Bank is replacing their old ATM cards with a magnetic strip with a new card that has a chip built in. This is much more secure than the old style card with the magnetic strip, than was a lot easier to skim.
    However these new cards can only be read in Bangkok Bank ATM machines, as all the other banks are yet to catch up with new chip reading machines. Not a real problem in Thailand with Bangkok Bank ATMs common, but certainly not in Laos or maybe the other countries in the region.
    But you don’t want to be caught out in Laos with no card & no money.

    Please take note if you are a Bangkok Bank ATM user.
  2. Been down that road with my Canadian bank. Card faulty while I still had 2 weeks left before flying back. Fone Bank. Sure, we send you a new card - takes 2 weeks. Back in Canada, get new card - ask for a backup card. No, we do not issue spare cards. Please close my accounts, issue a bank draft, and I will cross the street to your competitor and open my accounts with them. Two minutes later - 2 new cards. And of course - never had this problem again !
  3. Yes .. This year is scheduled for Thailand to emerge from the bygone era and enter the 'chip & pin' era.

    BBK is the only bank which has been offering the SIM card style card as yet.

    I guess we all detest Thai banks behavior, I went to get a replacement card the other  day, I have a platinum card - no have sir, go to another branch - how about No, you go to another branch and bring me one back or issue a standard coloured one - then we need to charge you 200b for the downgrade - get the manager out here because I'm closing my accounts today.

    She appeared and said no problem, no charge and I asked why did it take for me to get what a local would consider "angry" before I got a logical solution to the problem.

    ( the place is sounding like TVF )  anyway, I understand well your problem.
  4. Having my scb card skimmed the other month.. Kinda glad the banks are improving the security.

    Guess it will take time around the region in poorer and remote areas to update the Atm technology.

    From Lao perspective.. Withdrawal limits are minimal and not their problem.. So wonder how long before the technology will take here especially for the necessary upgrade and associated costs the Lao banks will need to absorb.

    I am fully aware of skimming and do take reasonable precautions like covering my hand, quick check of the slot you put the card in.. They still skimmed me. Believe it happened on Sukhumvit bangkok.

    The bank were right on to the fraudulent attempted use in central Asia and blocked the card.

    Luckily for me I had just returned from Lao and didn't need to use the card that trip or would have been difficult to say the least as already used my spare emergency cash.

    Just playing devils advocate with the issue.


  5. If you get caught out..

    The Bangkok Bank Pakxe


    Location: N15 06.724 E105 49.067

    by the Dao Heuang HQs / new Champasak Market.

    Exiting FROM off the bridge, hit the roundabout & turn right & the bank is there 250 metres from the roundabout "downstream."
  6. Confirmation from the Bangkok Bank in Vientiane




    you cannot use this card anywhere in Laos yet. Not even in this branch. Do you have another non chip card you can use.
  7. Just a quick update - back in CHiang Mai & went along to my local Bangkok Bank branch in Chiang Mai.

    Yes triply confirmed that card with a chip can only be used in Bangkok Bank ATMs


    You can apply for the old card & actually have two cards - one - the new chip card- for use in Thailand, & two, the old card with the magnetic strip for use in Laos or other countries. Cost 300 baht for the new old style card & wait a week from Bangkok.

    So voila - an easy solution.

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