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Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by Blue Max, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Blue Max

    Blue Max Ol'Timer

    Blast around Bangkok after a trailblazin' trip from HH to BKK in less than 2 hours!
    Bike used CBR 150, not the fastest bike out there but wth...

    It's a Riders-eye view so get ready for some edgy moves...

    It's shot with Helmet cam so excuse the jerky, canted angle. ;) ... 9306&hl=en
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  3. siinthai

    siinthai Ol'Timer

    not happening mate.
    "Go to Google Video Home
    Video Help

    We're sorry, but this video may not be available.

    If this video was recently uploaded, it may still be processing.
    If this video is yours, you can check its status.

    To see more videos visit our home page."
  4. Blue Max

    Blue Max Ol'Timer

    The Links up and running now :)
  5. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Appreciate you taking the trouble to post the video and confirm the link is working. I stuck with it for 4 minutes but could not see any sights other than tarmac and cars, have I missed something?
  6. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Blue Max

    nice clip,, what helmet cam you are using and where it's connected?

    i'm looking to install forward and rear view cam to my bike..
  7. Blue Max

    Blue Max Ol'Timer

    Yes, you're expecting spielburg production values with go-go girls and I think you're responding to the wrong post my man.
    Enjoy the road and don't get too buzzed at whats on it ;)

    The helmet cam I got from a buddy out here who skydives and does extreme sports.
    I've had to jury rig onto the side of a helmet.
    There is no commerical helmet mount system available in Thailand. You have to either import from Japan or the States.
    It's kinda like there is a technology drought when it comes to this kind of specialised sht :)
    Even then you will struggle to mount it using the sht they send you with the system.
    A possibly better choice (and one I looking into) is a bike mounted system. I have tank mount, but its at the other end of Thailand :(

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