Bangkok - Chiang Kong..... advice needed.

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  1. McGovern

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    From this Saturday i will start my way up North, with some stops at various places. The map is just Google Earth Highway driving. Does anyone have some good recommendation of alternative routes, like things You must see? The cities marked, is places I will go to. Its just a matter on witch route to choose. Feel free to give me some input. Best regards.

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    Hi McGovern,

    Unfortunately the only way to get out of Bangkok and head North is on the highways.
    Sukhothai is worth seeing; make sure you get to the Old City area and there are many guesthouses right before the Park entrance.
    Roads to Mae Sot, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Song are classics.
    Notice you go from Chiang Rai straight to Chiang Khong, so you will miss Mae Sai and the Golden Triangle?
    Look forward to your intended route going South from Chiang Khong.
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  5. McGovern

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    After Chiang Khong and area around i will enter into Laos, going toward Luang Prabang and then south to Vientiane and Thailand. I have like a month available to travel around. although i am not on a fixed timetable, i will make a detour to Bangkok (with a plane) from july 9-12 as my wife arrive. She is from Laos. While she visits her family i will continue my journey and join her ........ when i arrive.

    I really hope the weather is with me this time, as my plan was going south last time during heavy rain for several days.

    And i will ofcourse buy some of these very usefull maps at Red Baron in Bangkok or first available place. I have a GPS with me as well.


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