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  1. Well it was another rainy day in the capitol so I decided to play around with my map program and Photoshop.

    I've looked through some of the posts here that give directions out of the city, so I've tried my best to interpret them and put them on a map, but I'd love to get some feedback and/or more information. I outlined the routes lightly in red and green, and tried to start from a few central downtown places. The file is a little large (1meg) so I'll just post a link.

    Please let me know if I have it correct or not, and if you have any other favourite routes out of Bangkok. I hope to keep updating this as I get more info.

    You can see a small version of the map here, but I couldn't find an image hosting site that would allow for the original picture size: ... -small.jpg

    If you want the full size, you can download it as a file from here (that's the problem with really big pictures!) : ... yh&thumb=4

    Thanks to everyone who already gave some directions, here are bits from the various posts I used to create the map:

    From Chonburi (same direction as Ladkrabang), just drive onto the Srinakarin Road in direction of Samut Prakarn, after crossing the BangNa-Trat road on the next big roadcross right onto Puchao-Samingprai Road until you hit the ferry, over the river to Phra Padaeng onto the Suksawat Road, onto the sideroad of the Rama 2 and out of Bangkok on this one, Samut Songkran

    You can get to the ferry by going down Sukhumvit 50 (Tesco Lotus, On Nut) and turning left at the tee-junction onto the 3114. Careful if you go early, though, as it is one-way against you till 0900 to ease rush hour traffic. The 3114 is vaguely interesting as it is the dock road and takes you past a bit of industry and the odd naval ship.
    The second traffic lights you come to allow you to turn right onto the 3113 (clearly signposted). This road is still quite industrial and you will see at least one place restoring big bikes if you look to the right. At the end of the 3113 is a slip road to a perfectly servicable bridge. You are not allowed on it, though, so carry on to the end of the road where the ferry awaits you.
    I've used the ferry once in each direction and both times I only had to wait about 10 mins for it to leave. The cost is 10B and Farrangs inexplicably pay the same as Thais.
    It only takes a few minutes to cross the river then you need to head for the road to Hua Hin. It's best to follow the bulk of the other bikes as they leave the ferry as they will be heading for the main road. Don't bother heading for the 9, which you will be able to see in the distance to your left. Instead, keep Bangkok to your right and head for the 35.

    Take Sukhumvit/Asok/Queen Sirikit etc. over the overpass over Rama IV and ride down Rama III all the way to the end. You can take most of the overpasses.
    Go over the lower (old metal) Krung Thep bridge as bikes are not allowed on the new high bridge and anyway it goes the wrong way. After the bridge turn left onto Suksawat and follow it until you will turn right onto Rama II (HWY 35). Then follow your nose to Cha Am.
    The first 25kms or so of 35 are a bit busy but traffic thins out the further you go.
    I would advise against going on Hwy4. I tried that once, never again.

    If you want a longer ride you can go Sathorn, over Taksin Bridge, take Ratchapreuk, following the SkyTrain and the left merging traffic, north to 345, then to Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, and down to Cha Am.
  2. Okay, it's fixed now! you can download the full sized map from the mediafire link above.

    Can anyone confirm that bikes are allowed over the Saphan Taksin bridge? Are there 2 bridges there? I always thought it was too big of a bridge for them to allow bikes.

    I also made a really gigantic map of the greater Bangkok area, I hope to make a comprehensive map of routes and shops for Bangkok. It might take me a little while though...
  3. Nice work 007. Will you be at Gulliver's on Tuesday with the thaisuperbike lot? I'm hoping to go, so we could say hello.

  4. Thanks Dave!

    If the weather continues to suck as much as it has over the past few days, then I will definitely be at Gulliver's. Otherwise, I've been hoping to put my newly acquired information to good use and get down to Cha Am with the bike this coming week.

    I talked about my idea for this a bit there last Tuesday, if I go this Tuesday I'll bring a map to help find more routes!

    I wish there was a part of the Land Transportation website that gave information about where bikes are allowed to go, I'd especially like to see a list of legal bridge crossings. I think I'll bring my girlfriend with me the next time I go to their offices in MoChit so that I can have her ask them about it.

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