Bangkok Floods - Chautuchak to Ladprao Intersection Sat 5th / Sun 6th.

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  1. Saturday's ride :-

    Smaller cars are turned back out side Queen Sirikit Park.. You will notice when I stop at the intersection pick-ups and motorbikes taxis are getting through.. There is not too much water until you get to the Ladprao intersection

    Sunday's ride :-

    The water is up to Chatuchak and bing pumped out the drains in to the flooded street..
    There is water all along the road and they are stopping all cars at the intersection after Saphan Kwai at the corner of JJ market.. Only a few bikes and trucks and BIG pickups getting through.. The cop had a chat and said it is waist deep on the other side at Central Ladprao...

    Monday :-
    I read today in the BKK Post that it is inundated along there now and the water will be up to Saphan Kwai intersection by Mid day.. That is about 400 metres from home I think.. I am on Phahonyothing Soi 9....

    Using the Go Pro camera.. On a white KLX.. The KLX was great in the water and mounting the curbs etc.. Saved one motorbike taxi by helping him pull his bike back out of the flood water on to the curb.

    Lets hope things get better soon..

  2. What a difference 1 day makes.. Now this whole area is like water world..






  3. Living in Ladphrao still manage to get through on my BMW 800 GS. I know this sounds arrogant but thanks for the big bikes
  4. I agree.. The KLX was great in the floods.. Mount the footpath, over the traffic islands and slice through the floods..
    The cops had big smiles on their faces wishing they were on a KLX :)
  5. Hello

    In Chaing Mai at the moment. I am going to ride down to near Pattaya have you any information on what the roads that go round Bangkok to that area are like ? I am thinking of highways 1,9 and 7 and in particular near Ayutthaya. The ride up wasnt fun with many many diversions thanks for any help you can give

    Safe riding

  6. Highway 9 (East Ring Road) is still flooded and closed where it passes through Pratum Thani. (And anyway, bikes aren't allowed on that road section as it's a toll road).

    I understand the Asia Highway through Ayuttaya is now open. Highway 7 was never flooded.

    Of course conditions remain changeable.

    Best of luck!
  7. Thanks very much for your help I got tp Pataya in one day. I managed to have to ride through some floods near the old airport scarey, but due to my poor map reading and following the sat nav !
    The good part was bikes allowed on all roads with no tolls due to the floding so that section was a fast one
    safe riding

  8. Going down to Pattaya just ride via Khon Kaen, Khorat and then route 304 via Wang Nam Kieow and then just follow the 304 until it changes to the 311. Partly a nice route also.

    Chang Noi

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