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  1. Hi All,

    We're heading back to BKK next week and are fed-up paying over the odds for upmarket hotels just for the parking. Can anyone recommend accommodation with safe parking that does not cost the earth? We usually pay about 1400B at the Viengthai or Asia Hotel and would like to get this down to about 700B.

    Be cool,
    Dave (& Hel)

    PS we are going to the Oasis concert.
    PPS I have tried searching the forum and I've tried the BKK Riders site but couldn't find anything. Be kind.

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  2. Hi Dave

    Try a search on Horizons Unlimited. The RTW travellers have some listed there.


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  3. Helen & Dave
    One of the places I stay at in Bkk is the PB (Playboy) Hotel, 700 baht a night on Sukhumvit Soi 3.

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  4. Thanks.

    Dave, how am going to get Helen in there?!

    Look at our photos:
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  5. Dave / Helen
    No worries there going on that last email you sent out "mate."
    To be honest I'm a bit worried about one of you now, but I'm not sure which one it is.
    Make sure you log off properly everytime you use an internet shop!!!!!

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  6. its old topic but maybe if someone else want to visit maybe the Chale'na Hotel is good. its in middle of bangkok and cost me 600Bht / day. decent place too.
  7. Yeah, that's where I stay. Fairly decent parking options and the local motocy taxis and various hotel scallywags haven't messed with it yet.
  8. A YH-like place in the North of Bkk:

    WE-Train International House
    501/1 Moo 3, Dejatungka Rd, Sikan, Donmuang, Bkk 10210
    Ph 0-2967-8550-4, Fax 0-2929-2300

    GPS N13.93902 E100.5843

    Link removed

    info at

    I stayed there 13/12/07 and paid 500B for a 3-bed AC room with bath and balcony. Nice grounds. Access from the North is easiest, I think. Not knowing Bkk at all I spent about an hour trying to get to it from the big tollway with my GPS telling me I was 500m away...
  9. @ Davidfl: as I posted this a whole lot of SQL errors filled the top of the screen, but then the msg was posted anyway. I thought you might want to know.
  10. Yeah, that's where I stay. Fairly decent parking options and the local motocy taxis and various hotel scallywags haven't messed with it yet.*Update*
    The PB hotel's rates have risen a hundred Baht or so. It's still good value and easy to get to now that you can turn right into Soi 11 from Sukhumvit.

    Google Earth
  11. It's funny seeing this old thread resurrected as helenk and I have been living in bkk for the last 18 months.

    We never did find a hotel we were happy with. Honey Hotel was the cheapest but it stunk of 1970s GI sweat. The rest of the time we paid more and stayed places like the Asia.


    ps Oasis were crap
  12. There's a place called Rider Resort out on Srinakarin behind Seacon Square which (obviously) seems to cater towards bikers.

    Google Earth

    Anyone stayed there?
  13. Dude, that's a HORSE on the logo.
  14. Okay! My bad!

    But for those of you with horses...
  15. They need to be a bit less subtle.

  16. I see this post is still being added to .. so here is my contribution..

    If you are looking for cheap AND safe park for bike.. and maybe an "interesting" place.. here is a place I stumbled across last time I was in BK..

    I was riding around desperately trying to find somewhere I could park my bike and for under a 1,000 bart and I found this place...

    Aptly named the Penthouse Hotel.. but the sign outside is a little more descreet .. just says PH.. it is one of those Motel type setups .. with the pull-across tarpaulins across the carpark in front of each unit.. actually I think it is one of those rent by the hour places.. When you drive in a guy directs you straight to an available unit then descreetly pulls the tarp across behind you .. ha ha .. and I was on my own..

    Anyway at 700 b (and I checked yesterday - I am in BK now but staying at the Maxim in Sukhumvit 7/1 700 and 990 rooms - the PH rate was now 640)

    It is easy to find in a Soi that runs between Suk 1 and Suk 11 .. if you go down the end of 11 and turn left at the Family mart and go around the dogleg and take the 1st left.. it is just there .. Or you can get to it off Suk 1 take the last Soi on the left before the Lights at Sukumvit...

    Dont expect anything flash.. what would you expect from a 70's Penthouse Motel.. AND 640 bhart but cool lighting, lots of mirors .. and beds up on raised floor base.. AND good soundproofing if you wanna sleep late .. ha ha..
  17. Hi All,

    Are there any new recommendations for Bangkok hotels? I am on a budget and would like to spend no more than 500 Baht.
    Must I go to Kao San?

  18. I guess, you have than to look for a kind of short time hotel, where you can park the bike in front of your room. But for 500 bath I can not recommend anything at the moment, if you increase the price a couple of hundred baths I would recommend PB hotel off Soi 3 Sukhumvith, it's way better quality than the PH hotel recommended earlier for about the same price (they are about 100m away from each other). Honey house(1) runs arouund 700bth, with parking possibilities, Maxim's Inn starts at 750bth, (Sukhumvith 7/1)has new renovated rooms, and it should be possible to park you bike in front of the hotel. In LonelyPlanet there was a GH recommended off Soi11 somewhere near CheapCharlys, that might still run under 500 bth, leaving your bike out in the street, off Soi11

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