Bangkok-Khao Yai-Wang Nam Khiao Loop Ride on Kawasaki ER6n

Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by TonyBKK, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Excellent ride on Saturday June 20th!

    Here is the route we took:

    Trent on his Yamaha FZ6, Peter on his Yamaha R1, Andrew on his Triumph Tiger and me on my Kawasaki ER6n


    Let the Good Times Roll!

    Tony 8)
  2. Tony Nice vdo and now picture quality is very good as you mounted the cam in frame. Nice one
  3. Nice one Tony. Just can't keep off the 2 wheels heh?

    Now we can clearly see who the Bananna Man is!!
  4. Nice route, there are some really nice roads when you get off the main routes around Wang Nam Khiao.
    I think your photo stop is in the same spot we like to stop when we go out that way....

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  5. Yep- that's the spot!

    I've only ever done day trips to Wang Nam Khiao, but indeed on maps it looks like there are some interesting roads in the area that would be worth exploring. Lots of cute resorts around there too, so will have to plan an overnight trip one of these days.

    Happy Trails!


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