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  1. This has been a perennial query and until now I had not seen an operator offering this service in Bangkok.
    Until I came across this flyer at Pirelli's yesterday.

    Note I have had no dealings with them so check into insurance, bike condition etc before hiring.
  2. information that may be of interest for some on here,

    Again same caveat as first post.
    No knowledge nor dealings with these guys except that K. Pat at Pirelli felt comfortable displaying their flyer.
    So do your research before booking.
  3. Hello

    Over in November the last 2 years I flew up or caught the overnight train to Chang Mai, but intrested in renting in Bangkok or Pataya and riding up top CM maybe via Uddon as anyone any experince of doing this good or bad ?

    Safe riding

  4. Hi Blackb15,

    A bike is better and more fun than a train, however all the roads out of BKK are highways of one type or another with heavy traffic.
    The road to Udon is a highway. Some guys avoid highways at all costs and some don't mind them.
    My personal route out of BKK is North to Petchabun (route 21 just past Saraburi) and once up there the fun really starts.
  5. Dougal
    Thanks very much for info. I think the problem is trying to hire the bike in BKK or even Pataya for a few weeks. In Chaing Mai its really easy but not so other places .

    Cheers and safe riding
  6. Just looked at the site it looks ok as anyone tried them ? I see its more expensive than Chaing Mai and you pay in front .Thanks for advice so far

    Safe riding


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