Bangkok Motor Show Nov 29 - Dec 10

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  1. The 'other' Bangkok Motor Show named Motor Expo 2007.

    Dates: Nov 29 till Dec 10
    Times: Mon-Fri 12.00-22.00, W/ends:11.00-22.00
    Venue; Impact, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok
    Website: ... index.htm#

    Not too much info on their web site yet, normally have a good display of bikes there, and some of the dealers may be now in a position to let us know what is happening on big bikes coming to LOS.
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  3. Okay Okay I take the hint...... consider it done.......
  4. [:D] I fly back to BKK on Nov 26th... do you want me to book you a ticket on the same flight ???

    P.S. your sig this week... eeewwww.... [:D]
  5. No, Elle and I will probably go down by train,,, this is Cheap Charlie you are talking too, we can't all have such fantastic high paid jobs like you matey.......
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  7. Daewoo I will have to start COPYRIGHTing my future posts to stop you modifying them......

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