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  1. Bangkok Motor Show opened today, and the story of bikes is:

    Suzuki have brand new GSX-R1000 790,000 baht, if you order now from Suzuki, takes 3-4 months to get the bike, and you have to arrange your own rego. They also had John Hopkins Ritzla MotoGP bike on display.

    Yamaha will be opening their own dealership in Bangkok in June, and will have 6 models on display to begin with. These are YZF-R1, YZF-R6,
    FJR 1300, FZ1, FZ6, and Majesty 400 scooter. The lady there said bikes will be sold inclusive of rego, and she will let me know as to the opening date of the shop. If all goes well, they hope to open elsewhere, nothing definite there, but she did mention Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Kong Kean. (No GP bike on display)

    Honda had Nicky Hayden's bike on display and also the Thai guys who is doing GP250. Honda had on show Hornet 600, CB600F and VTR. When asked if one can purchase any of the big bikes, they said for show purposes, and when I asked if they intended selling them here, they replied not this year, maybe next year. Honda also had a Phantom called Black Flame, it had flames painted on the tank, black wheels, and black side covers, looked a lot easier to clean, (for us Phantom owners)

    Kawasaki, was looking at their bikes and got ushered off the stage pretty quickly as the dolly girls were about to perform, so didnt get any details, they had a nice d'tracker on display.

    BMW bit of a disapointment, (now why doesnt that surprise me), instead of showing their bikes in the motorbike hall along with the other brands, they had 5 bikes tucked away in the corner of their car display. Only of road bike was the new 650 moto thingy, no GS's at all, (and I seem to remember reading the GS was the top selling model)

    I was hoping to see Triumph there, especially as they have opened here in Thailand, but alas they were no where to be seen

    I think its only 80 baht entry, (I had free tickets again), so for the BKK residents worth the visit. The only bike accessory stand, was Givi which showed top boxes, panniers, tank bag, gloves and helmets.

    The off road course outside was interesting to watch, guys were really giving their (mainly Vigo's) a hammering
  2. Pretty interesting stuff from our "on the scene correspondent". Thanks T.J. If you happen to talk to anyone from Yamaha or Suzuki again, maybe you could ask about the possibility of direct ordering parts for big bikes through their dealerships.
  3. Yamaha gave me a nice glossy brochure which covers the 6 bikes they will be bringing in, presume once their dealership is up and running they may be more in a position to answer your question. When the lady contacts me I will certainly ask her for you. oh Yamaha had an XT650 on display, had a sit on it,looks like it wouldn't be too bad as a two up machine....Mmmmmmmm
  4. I don't see why the like of Yamaha etc didn't open up proper shops here a long time ago. The market is definately there for them.

    It will help stop all the tom-foolery going on at the gray import shops.
  5. I agree Berty, its just crazy, you expect at motor shows to see concept cars that are not for sale, but here is Honda, all these big bikes on display, buy for show purposes only.

    Oh I forgot, on the Suzuki stand, they had what looked like a modern version of the Katana, (sloping headlight etc), but it had a 6 cylinder engine across like a Bandit's
  6. I think it was the Yamaha XTZ660 you saw John, Motard style. Nice bike. Show not as good as last year i thought, Loads of the Russian Girls on Display (must be from Pattaya) Got some Gloves from the Paddock Stand. They had loads of Jackets & Pants. Not much in the way of Boots though. Any other Bike Dealers in Thailand would be appreciated so lets hope it happens.
    Cheers Ian.
  7. Tropo when yuo visit bring the Yamaha stuff if you can
  8. No worries Ray, have the afore mentioned brochure on my person, for all to look at
  9. My roving reporter in Chiang Mai has informed me....

    Looks like the shop for big Yam will open in Nov in Bkk.

    Possible that one or two big bikes might feature in the CM Yam shops
    but not really sure. Certainly possible to order from Yam shop in CM -
    they should have brochures.

    Hi. Big Yamaha shop in Huay Kaew Road about 100 metres to left of Kad Suan Kaew when looking at the shopping centre.

    And for news on Honda........

    Another shop assistant in a Honda dealer told me that there would be a CBR 150 fuel innjection within 3 months but I think he got this from the Honda Th web site - chat forums

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