Bangkok Run - Another great weekend at Baan Ricky

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  1. Hi All,

    Just a quick report.. This weekend was the Bangkok Run event to Baan Ricky.

    On the Saturday we went to the lake and had a nice lunch, then headed to Pilok - Thai , Burma Border.

    Great twisty road there.. some loose stuff to slide about on but all good.

    Then back to Ricky's place for sunset and a great BBQ and camping on the lawn.

    Then today more riding around the trails before heading back to Bangkok at lunch time.

    Will let the pictures do the talking :-

    Tried the alternate way back to Bangkok to avoid the crazy traffic around Nakom Pathom.. Adds around 30km to the trip and my first time to ride it.. roads are not great.. but you do avoid a lot of trucks and buses head to and from Kanchanaburi and can make a good pace until you get to Bangkok proper.

    Breakfast on the way 60km out from Sai Yok Yai

    GPS overlay with Google Earth

    Google Maps routing.
    This is the twisty road to Pilok. Where the gas pipe line comes in to Thailand. Minor road, loose gravel and other stuff on the road.. great scenery.. We all had tyres slide out here and there along the way there and back.. Great ride and lots of fun.


    Observation area about 12km from the border

    Made it on the trusty KLX.. great little bike.

    Standing just inside the border on the gas pipeline.. Burma starts at the fence line.

    000 marks the beginning of the the gas line.. The guard house and house on the hill are in Burma.. No border patrol or police in sight from either Thailand or Burma.

    Standing in side the guard house area

    Another guard house that is not in use. This leads to the gas line maintenance road. Best quality road I have seen in Burma..


    Lay Krathong

    Great BBQ with camping and more riding the next day.

    Thanks Ricky for a great weekend and fantastic BBQ. It did get cold at night.. glad I had my sleeping bag..

  2. Looks like you BKk guys have hit the jackpot with Baan Ricky.
    Congratulations all round & pls keep the reports coming.
    There's a lot of good riding out there in Kanchana to go..
  3. That KLX of yours doesn’t get to sit still for long Brian.
    It looks like there is some good riding to be had west of Bangkok. Great photos and report mate.

  4. I maybe 6000 miles away, but good to see you enjoying Kanchanaburi
  5. Great report. I just got my bike in feb and would like to get involved in some of these rides when I am in town.
  6. Nice one Brian,

    I worked on that pipeline 1994/95. Was up and down that road between Tong Paphum and Ban E Tong many times. Great little road.
    We used the Pilok mine as a camp for some of the guys. Had to rebuild the road into the actual mine area.
    Nice photos giving me some good memories. Thanks.

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