Bangkok to Chaing Mai

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  1. Hello

    Just arrived in CM the ride up took me a lot longer than I thought due to the floods and getting out of Bangkok (floods were really bad out of Lopburi ). However here now, I hope to meet some of you for a beer and chat. I will go the Euro dinner later and keep checking site. My last two visits I have always meet Dave for a beer or two and hope to again

    Safe riding

  2. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you Paul. Also welcome to Chiang Mai .Try to make it to the next GTR dinner , it will be a good opportunity for you to meet many of the other members
  3. Gary

    Thanks for all the help really appreciated. I am just off to rude the Loop hope to see you Sunday for a beer

  4. Paul
    See you Wed night 16th at Miguels in Nong Hoi or at the Euro or X-Centre sometime.
  5. David
    Yes look forward to it I am not sure of my plans yet at Soppong River Inn having a beer AFTER ANOTHER GREAT RIDE but will be at Euro bar Sunday, and will try to make the dinner would like to but know getting back South may take a long time again


  6. Gary

    Thanks for your hospitality great fod and help with my chain really appriciated,, when I was chatting to your wife Monday night she said she rode all the time in 1 day down to Pattaya so I thought ok I will get up early and give it a go. It was ok untill flood disrution near Bangkok which,made it a long ride but ,maybe I an just getting old and soft. THe good part toll Road to Pattaya ok for bikes to use so I had the kwacker pinned all the way on that road, always best after long hard ride LOL Look forward to seeing you next year.Dave sory I misseed you but catch up next year enjoy the dinner

    Safe riding


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