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  1. I am planning on riding from Bangkok to Chiangmai leaving Bangkok on 5 Dec and being in Chiangmai late afternoon 6 Dec. Stay 6-8 in Chiangmai and then leave 9 Dec heading back to Bangkok as I have to be back to work on 12 Dec.

    Anyone else up for the ride. I will ride my ZZR1100 up and back. I dont race from one place to another but rather cruise and take in the scenery somewhat.

    Email me or reply on this post. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    084 660 6460
    Latphrao 101 Bangkok

  2. Have you seen the ride planned for Nov. 21? There is a thread about it on T.V: ... 11607.html

    If you wanted to join that one it would be great, as I prefer to cruise along too. All the other riders are on sport bikes, but hopefully I don't slow them down too much! 8)

    If I hadn't signed up for that one already I'd take you up on your offer. Dec 5 is just a little too close to Nov. 21 for me to do both.
  3. Due to when I can take my vacation is the only reason I too did not join the 21st run. Good luck on the run and maybe next time.

    Anyone else interested is welcome to go along. So far I have 3 going,
    me ZZR1100, Another rider on Blackbird and one on a Harley.

  4. Hi Dan!

    I'd be very interested in joining. I'm also planning on joining the ride organized on ThaiVisa to Chiang Mai leaving BKK on the 21st and have been hoping to make it back up for the Chiang Mai Bike Week, so this is perfect!

    I'm riding a Ninja 250R and was pleasantly surprised to discover on last weekends ride to Kanchanaburi that I can cruise along comfortably at 120-140 km/hr if I need to keep up with speed demons like Franz :wink:

    BTW, did I meet you at the Nonthaburi Bike Week? I was at a table with a bunch of friendly foreigners but I'm terrible with names and only remember Chris who lives in the neighborhood...

    Anyway- I'll email you my contact info and look forward to riding up to the Bike Week with you.

    Happy Trails!

  5. HI tony

    for me, i look exuse to get out to road but did not get exact road what you guys using for 21st nov routes as i would like to COMBINE that with those guys who are leaving from pattaya on 30....

    PS im only riding up to 130,,so im not with speed demons :oops:
  6. Cheers Marco,

    I'm really not a speed demon either- I live for twisty roads and generally cruise somewhere between 80-120km/hr :lol:

    I don't think the final itinerary has been settled yet for the ride leaving BKK on the 21st, but I'm confident it will be a fun ride. I'm pretty easy going and as long as we avoid big trucks and crap roads I'll be happy to let others choose the actual route.

    I'm not sure about the guys leaving Pattaya on the 30th? Is that Franz and Peter and Craig? I'm new to the GT Rider forum so I'm still getting to know people.

    At any rate- I think there will be a lot of bikers heading north around this time and I'm looking forward to making new friends and enjoying some fun rides.

    Happy Trails!

  7. Tony

    that speed is just about right, i just had accident on speed of 120km/h in saraburi when car just deside to turn from my left side and take u turn on my right,, there was no time to avoid but have to say as big is my LT and together with ABS brakes we managed to stay upright and only minor damages for bike and my & wife boots.

    Will see how the things are developing and im sure that the roads will be filled with bikes...
  8. Hello Kundan, may I know where do you find spare parts for your zzr1100?
  9. Hello to all,
    I dont have any solid plans or routes yet for this trip as I am free anytime after the 2nd of December to begin the journey north. I have a mate from Surin (NE Thailand) on a Blackbird and another mate in Bangkok on a Harley, another 2 on CBRS. I have 4 rooms reserved for the 6-8 days their in Chiangmai near the event.

    None of us run fast as we are old men on fast bikes. We like to see what we go by thus no need for speed. If I lead the ride we will stay between 100-120 so easy ride.

    Yes I met you at the rally in Nonthanburi I was sitting with Chris, I've known Cheis for a few tears now. Good guy.
    I get my spares for my ZZR ordered off the internet or from Big Bike

    All are welcome to join this ride. Let's put the date leaving Bangkok as 4 December 0900 from the Beverly Hotel located on Ratchadaphisek road near the Huay Kwang MRT.

  10. KHUNDAN,

    We will be leaving Pattaya on Nov 30th. and meeting John Gooding in Petchabun. We will then be going across to Mae Sot and up to Mae Hing Son and down to CNX for the bike week on the 6th. dec.

    We also have a route home going up to Mae Sai, Golden Triangle and down the West side to Nan.

    Don't know how that fits in to your schedule but should see you at the bike week.
  11. Great it will good to meet you guys finally. Looks like we may leave Bangkok early on 5 Dec and meet with others in Auyuttha then continue onward from their to CM.

    Once closer to the date we will post the routes, times etc. in case anyone wants to join along the route their or back.

  12. Hi Peter! Hi Dan!

    I wish I could join the group leaving on the 30th for the long trip, but I just can't leave work unattended for that long.

    Peter and John- Of course I'll be looking forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai and look forward to abusing some innocent beers too :D Is Franz going? How about the Thai guys? Ed? Nueng? Thawee? Hope to see you all in Chiang Mai, if not sooner!

    So Dan- new plan is to leave BKK on the morning of the 5th? Sounds good to me! Me should meet up and plan a route.

    Talk soon and Happy Trails!

  13. Hi Tony and KHUNDAN,

    At least 2 of the Thai guys will be going. Franz will only know later in the month and Marco is to confirm meeting us in Petchabun.

    Nearer the date when everyone has finalised travel plans I'll PM you guys with contact numbers for us.

    Look forward to seeing you there.
  14. Yes it is set for now, we will depart Bangkok at 0700 on 5 Dec from the Beverley Hotel on Ratchadaphisek Road. Near Soi 10 and across from the Emerald Hotel.

    Need directions let me know.

    We will meet up some others in Ayutthaya at 0900 and continue on from there to most likely Kampheng Phet for an overnight then into Chiang Mai afternoon of 6 Dec just in time for the rally.

    I would like to meet anyone that wants to join on this adventure at the Beverly Hotel lobby (Coffee Shop) on Sunday Nov. 23rd at 1000 for a quick get together and final planning. If you can make it please let me know so I can try and put some numbers together.

    084 660 6460
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  15. Hi Guys,
    I'll be the one riding the Harley, just got it 3 weeks ago,really looking forward to this ride.

    I've met some of you already, at the meet in Nonthaburi last month. I was with my mate Chris.

    One thing that concerns me, is that I'll only be going there with invoice,insurance, receipt ( all scaled down and laminated ) plus my Thai license, but no plate or green book. What do you guys reckon?????
    Also I have be back Monday morning for work, anyone else the same?

  16. Hey Fat Bastard!

    Great name! :mrgreen:

    Congratulations on the new hog! I bet you can't wait to ride it up to the Chiang Mai Bike Week!

    When I bought my new Kwacker a few months ago the folks at the dealer told me that I could be fined for riding without a plate, but that as long as I carried the invoice, tax receipt and proof of insurance that I wouldn't have any serious problems.

    I racked up several thousand km riding without a plate and wasn't stopped even once, so I never got to find out just how the BiB would handle it... Just lucky I guess :wink:

    Now, as for the Chiang Mai ride- we're leaving Bangkok on Father's Day and there will be many hundreds of bikes all headed north on the 5th, so I think that the odds will be in your favor given that it's a holiday weekend and there will be tons of bikes out and about. Worst case scenario you might have to pay a couple of hundred baht for the missing plate.

    Looking forward to a FUN ride!

    Happy Trails,


    ps- what a beautiful weekend! Anyone up for a ride tomorrow? Gimme a ring! 0868052274
  17. Dear Dan,

    Looking forward to the Chiang Mai Bike Week and a fun ride up.

    I very much want to join you but I will not be able to meet you on Sunday the 23rd for the planning meeting.

    Are you up for a ride tomorrow?

    Give me a ring if you would like to get together.

    Marc Anthony (Tony) 0868052274
  18. hi
    I miht join you back to bkk on my aftwin. want to drive down to samui.
  19. Okay, I just found out that my bike is a hostage to my mechanic for the next few days (evidently the potential for internal damage on a 15 year old bike is much higher than I thought), so I'm now unable to join the Nov. 21 trip I mentioned at the top of this thread. :x

    IF I can swing it, I'd like to join your trip so that I can finally see Chiang Mai and experience these awesome roads I've heard about. I'm not promising anything, as the trip conflicts with my work schedule, but I want to try! :D

    What route are you planning to use from BKK to Ayutthaya? I'm in the west end of town, but I could easily join north of town.
  20. Looks like I will leave from the Beverley Hotel on Ratchadaphisek road at 0700 on the 5th. We will meet there and then head to the crossroads of Hwy 1 and 32 where we will meet up with others. May ride all the way in to Chiang Mai on the 5th not sure as we will just take it easy and see how things go. Have a couple of guys that will leave Chiang Mai on the 7th to go back to Bkk, I will leave on the 8th to return.


    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  21. Hi KhunDan,

    Just got back from an awesome ride- Bangkok to Tak to Mae Sot to Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son to Pai to Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon to Mae Chaem to Hot to Li to Thoen and back to Bangkok in 5 days. Brilliant trip and I'll post a trip report soon.

    We blasted from Thoen, (which is about an hour south of CM) to Bangkok in under six hours, including stops for breakfast and lunch, gas, etc. and dodging the PAD riots at Don Muang...

    So doing BKK-CM in a day is certainly quite possible, really just depends on how fast you want to go.

    I'll see you at the Beverly Hotel bright and early on the 5th!

    Happy Trails

  22. I hope to be Leaving Pattaya on the 3rd heading to Nakon Sawan and then to ChiangMai but a legal case may delay me until the 4th.
  23. TonyBKK,

    Well done! Nice route and the one we will be using on Sunday.

    Can you give me a heads up on the condition of the roads Mae Sot, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, Pai? Any repair works?

    Thanks and see you up there.
  24. Hello All,

    I have just returned from the trip to CM with TonyBKK and NEED to go again. I would love to join this ride if thats ok with everyone. Im flexible on dates, times, routes and agenda... just would like to ride again.

    Would meet at 0700 at Beverley Hotel on Ratchadaphisek road. Um.. where is that ? I know Ratchadaphisek road but give me another reference point to look for as I dont know this hotel.

  25. Hi Dougal! How are you? Will you be going to the Bangsaen Bike Rally this weekend? Would be great to see you there!

    Generally the roads all the way from Mae Sot to Pai and on to Chiang Mai were mostly in excellent condition.

    There were a couple of areas where they were upgrading and expanding the road and we had to ride on dirt for short stretches.


    Even that was no big deal as the dirt was well packed and I think they'd gone over it with a water truck to cut the dust.

    Piece of cake on the light as a feather Ninja 250R :wink:

    Trent on his heavy XJR 1300 didn't seem to have any problems either-

    Happy Trails!


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