Bangkok Weekend Warriors beers and debauchery :)

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    Biggest turn out yet! Good fun and wicked hangovers!!:lol-sign:
  2. What a great night had by all.. Counted around 16 people at one stage…
    Met up with Moto Rex for breakfast this morning.. Both still a bit drunk...

    Let me take you back a bit earlier in the day.

    The world famous Lao explorer Moto Rex was coming to Bangkok for "one night" to catch up and say G'day.
    Of course we had to get the Bangkok Weekend Warriors together…

    Prior to the meet up.. Took Rex for a little tour..
    A few of my favourite places to see in Bangkok when a good friend or family member is in town.

    The Hangover II. Starring Moto Rex.

    When the other Bangkok Weekend Warriors saw this pic.. Immediately there was a debate.

    - Who would get the Mike Tyson face Tattoo

    - Who was going have to allow the Lady Boy to be intimate with them.

    The general consensus - Trent…

    First off to the Shangri La for a couple of Long Island Iced teas.


    At the Skybar - State Tower.








    Bangkok's got them now…


  3. Brilliant!!! Well Done Guys!
  4. LMAO!!! :lol-sign: Everyone survived the night with faces intact but one fellow did wake up wearing a skirt...


    I reckon there's got to be a place in the Big Mango that can do us up with Iron Mike henna tattoos. :thumbup:
  5. Thank god it was not me that woke up wearing a skirt, but all n all it was a great night and nice to meet some great guys. When is the next one ?........
  6. A great afternoon/night/morning was had in the big mango with the Bangkok Weekend Warriors.

    Brian and I started with a few afternoon drinks by the river, before heading to the state tower for sunset drinks on the roof top bar. From there it was off to a bar in sukhumvit to meet up with the Bangkok Weekend Warriors.

    Sitting on the sky train heading towards the muster of motorcyclists, I have to admit to being a little apprehensive, sure, I’ve had many ratbag nights in my time, but this was a Bangkok Weekend Warriors, and I had visions of being tattooed in a skirt, amongst things, just like in the movie.

    The meeting point was an Irish bar in soi 11, it was great to meet up with all the guys there, before moving on to a few establishments with plenty of chrome fittings. I hit the sack around 3.30am after a few night caps in a car park, happy in knowing I survived the mayhem and madness of a night on the town with the Bangkok Weekend Warriors.
    It was a really good night, with great bunch of guys.

    I have to thank Brain for showing me the sites of he’s home town. The state tower was amazing, and I would recommend to anyone going to Bangkok to check it out.



  7. I'm still hungover ;)
  8. Are you still wearing a skirt?? :lol-sign:

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