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  1. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    We wanted to rent 2 KLX 250 there and asked for permission to go to Laos with these bikes by email. Oye, the Thai woman from french shop owner Franck, answered fast and said, she could provide the necessary papers. So far, so good.
    Weeks later we arrived in BKK, took a taxi to their shop (which is a garage only) and Andy, another French guy, appeared after a while. He came on a Kawasaki D-Tracker, which he said, was one of the bikes we could get. I told him, we had asked for the KLX, not for the D-Tracker. Andy meant, D-Tracker and KLX are the same bikes , except for their wheel size (which is nonsense indeed) and he would try to get the KLX wheels for them. During our talks he also said, that he hasn't a clue of motorbikes - which I can confirm. Bad luck to us.
    We took the next flight to VTE, rented there and overall we had to spend about 400 Euro more for our trip.

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  3. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    Sadly this sort of mix up happens way too often. Next time may I suggest you ask for info via this forum . Thats what its all about . Theres a wealth of information available that people are happy to share with you.
  4. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    We have rented from bangkok bike rentals when I had a friend visit.

    There are no KLX's it is a D-Tracker with the KLX wheels.. We took it to Chonburi and got it vert muddy..
    After we requested to rent it again it was not available :)

    A friend has A D-Tracker with the KLX wheels and it works well for him.

    Another time a friend visiting hired an ER6n and all was good.

    This really looks like a small business run out of his home..
    Better to hire from Chiang Mai or Lao for bikes.. Not Bangkok.. There really isn't much choice here.

  5. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    @Schackster: I did ask for experiences with BBR, but no one seemed to have it.

    @brian_BKK: I had sent emails to Chiang Mai rental shops too, but didn't get an answer at all. BBR answered immediately, that's why we have choosen him.
    We have also been at Franck's private house and I agree with you, BBR is a small business, run our from his home. I'm quite sure,
    they do not own all this bikes they offer for rental.
  6. kifkif

    kifkif Member

    I am Franck from BBR, thanks for your comments.
    Thanks for your kindness Brian.

    Small or big Business no matters I own all the bikes i rent out,Versys x4 ,Er6 x8 ,Dtx x2 ,KLXx2 and more than 20 scooters ,all well maintained and properly insured,your are dealing with professionels in a registered Co Ltd.
    We are supplying bikes to tours op. from everywhere,locals travel agencies,bikers,tourists,biznessmen,events,racing... ,if you've got your IDL then welcome at BBR .

    More new bikes from Kawasaki are on their way to the "garage",the big bike fleet has grown by 60% the past year and half,and more nice digits are forecasted.
    The "garage" is the new shop in Rama 9 ,we takes times to renovate this 200sq meters shophouse,priority to the fleet,maintenance and insurance here but next time i will ask my wife to make a show for your guys or if its so important you still could get a bike with seaview In Pattaya.

    By the way ,now at BBR you have the choice to get an extra insurance for the the bike damages/crash, for you to feel more confortable when abuse it around Chonburi.

    I heard about your case Harry,sorry about what's happened. ...misunderstoods with KLX/DTX .NO LUCK
    ,you are one of our fews unhappy rider out of 100's ,next times we will be proud to fix our mistakes and more to make you happy if you let us fews hours to manage it .

    Your Truthfully.
  7. stubzi

    stubzi Ol'Timer

    Franck, same Franck that was slagging our company last year??

    You stated then that you could not provide insurance for your big bike rentals, has something changed? Also you wanted to recripricate business with us, strange I never heard about this either??

    Yours very truthfully indeed from people who provide full cover...

  8. kifkif

    kifkif Member

    Ok, So let's make it clear !
    Who is able to provide a first class coverage??
    The 3rd part coverage i propose is written by AXA.
    And YES something "change" ,the first class for BIKE coverage i propose is setted up by myself with my own funds .

    What about you my friend??!
    Would you let us know with what kind of insurance company you are able to propose LEGAL coverage for riders who hire bikes from renters??

    Looking forward to hearring from you!
    Franck Quint

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