bar backs available in TH?

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  1. Years ago I installed "bar backs" on my K100RS and that was just what the doctor ordered. Now I could use a set for my VTR and my buddy wants them for his V-Max. Any hints on where to get them and price?
  2. That's a throttle control device which also makes sure the bike stays upright on the way back from the bar, can come in very handy sometimes. Just kidding. Bar backs are a simple and easy way of moving the handle bar about an inch up ad back; just take off the handle bar, install these little thingies (they go where the handle bar was installed) and then install the handle bar into the thingies. Changing the bar only an inch makes quite a difference. You don't need to change the grips and the entire handle bar, just insert these small pieces (usually milled out of aluminum) and you feel like you're sitting on a different bike.
    I'll try to find a picture and post it.
  3. Here they are:


    "Being tired by the end of your ride is typical, but if you would like to alleviate some of the tiredness at the end of the day these bar backs may help. Made from cnc aluminum for strength and weight, these bar backs are simple to install and minimal time needed. No modification necessary unless otherwise stated in description.
    Move your handlebars 1.5 inches up and back."

    Here's a report with lots of photos of a guy who installed them on his FZ6: ... backs.html
  4. Risers connect directly to the triple clamps and usually are straight, but lately I've seen some that bend backwards on some chopper models.
    You could install bar backs between handlebar and risers, if your chopper isn't laid back enough or if you have short arms. I installed a drag bar on my Intruder 1400 (picture posted here somewheres) and installed way higher risers to make up for the flat handlebar.
    The nice thing about bar backs is that you can install them quick and easily, while changing the handlebar, grips, brake/clutch levers and mirrors and adjusting them again on the new bar is more work intensive and you may even scratch your tank in the process. A handlebar is cheaper than those CNC aluminum bar backs, so if you don't mind spending some time working on your bike (no big deal, I changed lots of handlebars) and want something like a permanent set-up, go for a new bar. But if you look at the pics of the FZ6, it's kinda cool to have the same-looking handlebar but a but in a slightly more back position. And if you want to go racing, they come off in five minutes!
  5. I wrote "Risers connect directly to the triple clamps" which isn't precise. Risers go through a hole in the triple clamps and are fastened below them. Usually that's a cruiser thing. In the picture above it's easy to see that you couldn't install risers, only bar backs. Most handle bar set-ups look like this.

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