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  1. OK Guys I know this isn't a Bike but I have this car I have to get rid of for a friend so here it is:
    Hyundai Accent 1.5 three Door Hatchback. Last Owner was a Farang Man for over 10 Years. 159.000 kms, Manual Transmission. Fantastic Condition inside and Out. Car is at the X-Centre and can be Viewed anytime or call Us on 053-297700. First Person to Turn up with 80.000 Baht can Drive it Home. Our Accountant will do all the Paper work for You!!!
    Some Photos:



    Very Cheap for either a Town Run about or Great for someones First Car!
  2. Did you sell this yet ?

    Would it make it to nong khai and back ?

  3. Sorry for the Slow Reply, I just got back from NZ. Yes the Car is still for Sale and Yes it will easily make Nong Khai. It is in Great Condition and Well Maintained, The previous Owner has Traveled all over with it during His 10 Years of Ownership!
  4. Is the car still for sale??
    If so would you mind ringing me on 0828930788


    Geoff Allen
  5. Car is still for Sale and Still waiting for a Genuine Buyer??? I am Surprised it isn't gone Yet? Lots of Guys have phoned and I have shown a Couple but Obviously 80.000 baht seems a bit Much for the Extremely Tight Budget of People Here??? Beats Me as it is Nothing for a Great Car, Can't even get a Decent Bike for that? By the way if it make as any Difference the Car is a 1997 Model. Come on break the Cobwebs covering Your Wallets!!!

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