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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Changnoi1, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Changnoi1

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    My wife needs a jacket while driving as passenger with me, so we were at the Kawa dealer that now has a reasonanble collection at their shop.

    Also nice looking Bates Leather Jackets for ladies. It smells like leather, it looks like leather but it is very soft and actually not feels like leather. And the inside label says that inner & outer shell and linning are made of polyester. And the jacket is made in China, while I thought that Bates were made in the good old USA.

    I can not find this jacket on any web-site that sells Bates Jackets (also not on the the Bates web-site).
    So are they just selling copies at an official Kawasaki dealership ?

    Chang Noi
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  3. nikster

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    Yup. They're selling cheap boots at Kawa cm that look exactly like SIDI only if you look closely it's not really the SIDI logo, just kind of similar.
  4. DavidFL

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  5. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Well I contacted Bates in the good old USA and got a quick reply. There seems to be a Bates Japan and they are selling a different line of jackets as Bates USA.

    So the jacket sold at Kawa dealer is probably not a copy but a Bates Japan jacket and it is called "synthetic leather". For me that reads like "fake real". Leather = leather and Synthetic=synthetic, those things do not mix imo.

    So it actually just a fashion jacket which should not bear the logo "Bates Leather".

    So will be of to BKK tomorrow to have a look for a jacket and helmet for my wife, so we can have a tour together.

    Chang Noi
  6. Craig-EBC

    Craig-EBC Active Member

    Hello Changnoi,

    Paddock in Bangkok has Ladies riding gear Jackets and Trousers. I bought a good quailty Japanese Textile jacket there a few years ago. Expensive though, about 15k Baht, sorry I can't remember the manufacturer but they did have cheaper ones also.
    However, recently bought a Revit ladies jacket from Panda Rider at the Bangkok Bike show, also a light textile jacket but very good quality and good protectors. I paid 6k Baht which I thought was a good deal.
  7. Ducatillon

    Ducatillon Ol'Timer

    Paddock sells Taichi jackets. Pretty good ones but the prices are pretty expensive in Paddock compared to places like Singapore and the Philippines. I bought my Taichi jacket in Manila for half the price they sell at Paddock. I also don't like the buying experience at Paddock. Every time I go, I leave somewhat not satisfied with service.

    For leather/mesh combination jackets (I guess this is what you are looking for) I was thinking about PHOENIX for a while ( They also have ladies version at Panda shop.

    I saw some Alpinestars leather/mesh combo jackets at Stadium a few weeks ago. Their prices seemed alright too. And then if you want to spend a bit more for better style, the relatively new Dainese shop in Bangkok (same place as Stadium) sells nice stuff, prices are slightly higher than US prices.


  8. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Thank all, we went to Panda Rider and Paddock yesterday. She fell in love with the Rev'it textile CR ladies jacket in white/red with shoulder, elbow and back protection. She did not like the heavy leather jackets. As she does not have her own big bike she will only be a duo-passenger once and awhile when we are making a trip. I bought Rev'it boots and the are great but not 100% waterproof as proven this afternoon while I passed a 10min hell of rain.

    We looked for helmets for her, but they are all too heavy or weird size/head-design. There was one Shoei, not too heavy but not full-face. Actually at Paddock they have a good collection of different helmets, but check very carefully what you are buying. I have the feeling the buy in huge bulk so an item could be old. Well I bought a tank-bag for my Versys at Paddock and was surprised how hot it gets inside while driving (before the rain) in the hot sun. My phone inside the bag was almost cooking.

    Chang Noi

    Chang Noi
  9. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    I would be interested to know what tank bag you got and what the price was Chiangnoi1 as I am looking for a one for my Versys and will be in BKK next week. I want a smaller one for a camera and small stuff. Was the Paddock better than Pander Rider for tank bags? Thanks for any info.
  10. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    At Panda they have good tank-bags but too big or with the "quick-lock-system" on the tank (which I do not like). At Paddock they might not have all bags that they actually have in the store. But they have a computer in the store so you can browse their web-store and then they just get it from behind (and I got about 20% discount on their web-store price). It is a "Komine Tanden Waist bag Model SA-043" have a look at

    It has 4 magnets (that you can take out) but you can also use it with straps to the frame. I do not like the magnet system and I do not like the strap-system. So I am working on a tank-cover to zip the bag to. Actually I am not sure if I am happy with the bag at all. Yes it is not big (and even a bit expandable) and it has a top-case for a map. But the heat in the bag! I think you can cook a chicken in there! That is not good for my camera or my phone. Maybe have to build in an airco?

    Chang Noi
  11. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    Thanks Chiangnoi1. It looks like I will have to stick with the bum bag that I use for the camera. Its only a small Cannon G9. The vibration and heat will be the end of the camera otherwise I guess.

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