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  1. If you are thinking of buying a bike from in Bangkok. Take a Thai solicitor before you purchase a bike.
  2. Does an explanation come with this statement??
  3. Hi Muzz,
    Thai sollicitor who speaks english, the 'managers' in charge are farang.And yeah, explain yourself please.
  4. There have been many deposits taken for new bikes and the orders have not been fulfilled. I sold two bikes through the shop and my money is yet a year after the bikes were sold to appear. I am over One million baht out of pocket and I know others are also looking for thier money. I am just giving a friendly warning to be very careful about parting with your hard earned cash....
  5. One of the guys pulled a swifty, and buggered off with the deposit money. Hopefully the other guys will pick up the peices. I'm 100K down and 4 months late on my MT01 repairs after trusting the French guy. We'll see what happens.

    Best shop to buy a bike in Bangkok - Red Baron. Not cheap, but good.
  6. real bananas .......
  7. It's really looking like to me if the bike sin't setting in front of you for delivery that day, you might really want to think about it. My personal experience has been it's the farrrnags that get the big bucks, and the Thai's just get a bit in yuor knickers. Makes me real gun shy.

    It would also seem it would be very difficult to get an import business going in bikes unless you had them in stock. I think that is where the real shame comes in, you get an honest guy doing his best and there is a huge track record of others doing just he opposite.

    I think if I were going to try that I would want a list of satisfied customers very handy. Tough business
  8. What is so odd, having heard the "warnings from the Street", about Motzone and posting them on the Siamsupetrbikes string, and now subsequently reading of both Muzz & Berty's experiences, is that Motorzone are still openly trading and have some tasty big bikes on display.

    Tomdegerth responded to my initial warning, saying that he knew what was going on but has yet to come forward with any further info.
    Tom, if you do know more, you would be doing a service to both Peter & those stung by him to post an explanation, especially after your partial defence of him.

    The fellow causing the probs is not the same Kiwi Peter of SSB but Algerian-French Peter. P'haps he may come forward and post an explanation??
  9. As i said on another thread, i dont think the whole MZ thing is as bad as it seems. Mostly rumours that are being spiced up. They had to let a staff member go before, he started spreading all kinds of shit when he was pissed off. I'll go there today 1.30pm to find out for myself, so i'm back here later today.
    The brothers at MZ are Cyril (Jem) and Alex. There was another dude working there before, Kieron. Maybe he still works there.
  10. Cheers Tom

    It would be appreciated, as it would clear the air.

    Certainly, I'm sure Muzz & Berty_bkk would appreciate their money back.

    But it does MZ no good , if they are a reputable going concern, to have such ill-will and stories circulating about them in the biking community.

    Maybe you could get them to clarify the situation and address the very specific points raised by their customers in this thread by posting their own reply.

    If this thread remains unaddressed, then it will only be the cause for further speculation and loss of business for Motozone.
  11. I heard Keiron is running things there now, and Jem's the one who did a runner with the money. That's what Alex the owner told me. Too many cooks in this shop.
  12. A friend of mine from Phuket, a farang has been taken for over 6 Million baht. I'm sure as hell that he is not going to let this thing laydown. I have seen the invoices for bikes ordered myself.
  13. Berty, you're right. Thats what Alex said to me too. Alex even paid for the Dynojet they wanted, nothing even got ordered. So, Jem was the crook after all it seems. There u go, things are not just what they seem sometime. I'll ask Alex if he wants to post something here, to clarify things.
  14. Hi there, Alex here, owner of Motozone (RCA) and certainley not Jems (Cyril) brother, I have taken over the shop now. I have a Thai partner,I have cleared most of the problems and huge debt in motozone , Kieron and the original staff are now back in the shop . I will clear any outstanding issues. The shop will be run 100% straight down the line.If anybody has any questions or comments, please feel free to post them,or drop by the shop anytime.
  15. Alex, sorry for that brother thing. Jem told me before that u were brothers, so thats where i got it from. Hope i didnt cause any probs for you.... take care and good luck my friend.
  16. Alex/Mariachi welcome to the board.
    It is good & refreshing to read you explanation as many wild stories were circulating.
    It will be even better to read of your being able to resolve other posters' problems outstanding with Motozone.
    But a hat tip for coming forward and another for a commitment of trying to make good the debts run up by your former partner.
    It is rare in the LoS for either Farang or Thai businesses to take any responsibility for their normally poor service to their customers.
    If you are good as your word, I wish you all success & luck.
  17. Any word on my MT01 repairs while we're at it as no one wants to talk to me on the phone?????
  18. Hi Andy , no problem me and my staff will take care of your MT01.
  19. Alex, thank you for your call. And I am sorry about the mess Jem has left for you.....
  20. Thankyou.

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