Beat up Suzuki DR 250


Nov 17, 2004
It pisses oil out the exhaust at the rate of 1 liter per 600 km, chews up front sprockets, needs constant adjustment to the cam chain tensioner, dented gas tank from an offroad blunder and the speedo works but the A and B trip odometers are off by .6 km as it goes around and around, main odometer is correct.

Other than that, solid bike that should last around town or the odd road trip here and there but I won't be taking it on remote tracks or Ho Chi Minh trail.

For sale at an unbelievable price of 7,999,999 Lao Kip or $ 930 USD but taking a few million would at least make me feel better.

Registration: Cambodia
Location: Vientiane, Laos
Legality: The bike has fully legal temporary import papers and is 100% legal in the eyes of the Laos Customs and po-lice.

Photos available upon request - will trade for unregistered bikes as well.


Oct 6, 2006
Your ad has made me smile each time I've read it. And, I do have have a great respect for 'truth in advertising' and the ad reflects such.

I think I'll be using a copy of your ad next to the one I'll create when I sell my Suzuki 250 Djebel. It might help in selling my bike. My ad will read something like this: :D

It burns an ounce or two of oil every 1000+ km, has recently replaced O-ring chain, sprockets and cam chain which haven't needed any adjustments. No dent on the gas tank or elsewhere on the bike and the speedo and A and B trip odometers work perfectly and are adjusted for accuracy.

The bike is solid and suitable for around town or long trips, especially with it's 17-liter tank, on remote tracks.

For sale at an unbelievable price of 90k-Bt, or $2,650, but Lao Kip not accepted.

Registration: Bangkok, Thailand
Location: Pattaya
Legality: Fully legal plates and green book (not a recycled book)

...Just kidding...
Hope you find a buyer for the bike!