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  1. It occurs to me that there is a lot of useful information on this site but nothing about good biker friendly accommodation in Cnx (or is there?).

    Now I know that many will say 'Just turn up and find somewhere!' or 'They are all much the same' or 'What does that have to do with getting yer knee down?' but hey, who else am I to ask?

    If you have recently stayed in a decent central Chiang Mai guest house I would really appreciate a tip. I've spent some time on the web looking at reviews and half the reviews are glowing - the other half scathing....on the same places...aaagghhh!!! I guess the response to this question could result in the same..

    I wouldn't normally worry about it but with the Royal Flower Festival, New Year, high season etc....well, you know what I'm saying.

    Recently had a tip from a fellow GT'r off forum ref. the Pagoda Inn but sadly I can find no email or web site information for that establishment.

    Thanks in anticipation,

  2. Tomo, try fellow GT-Rider Jonadda's guest house. He's Aussie (but we can forgive him that!) and runs a nice clean place at good prices right in the centre of town. Send him a personal message to the name "jonadda".


  3. Pikey,

    Thanks for that - have mailed Jonadda.


  4. Pikey

    I tried Jonadda's twice but unfortunately full Am currently staying in Ban Wiang, just behind the Kafe. 250 baht a nite and has parking under cover handy to walk to most drinking holes from here 081 4829323


  5. No response as yet from Jonadda but still early days.

    Mailed Ban Wiang with an enquiry just in case Jonadda turns out to be fully booked!

    Both look good though..

    Thanks for your input guys.

  6. John's on the road doing R1148 yet again!
    (Must be out time for a R1148 GT-Rider T-shirt?)
    He'll be back in a few days if he doesn't drop the Suzi.
  7. John
    Just booked a mate into the Ban Wiang, but now note from their website
    that "we will treat you like our member."
    So curious to know was this a good or bad thing.
    How how it was being treated like "our member?"
    Was it a full hand's on approach or was it more gentle & relaxing?
  8. David my MEMBER has never felt so good........ real friendly lot in Guest House

    I am booked back in there starting from the 5th Jan

    Am sitting up here in Udon reading your maps so I suppose I had better get out there in CMX and see some more sights

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