Beer Chang - Only 1200 Baht/24

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by daewoo, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    I thought you guys would get a giggle out of this... from the local discount liquor place...

    $Au42 = 1200 baht :O


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  3. Deano747

    Deano747 Ol'Timer

    Assuming 24 bottles; 50 Baht a bottle seems like a good price. Where abouts?
  4. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    The Beer Chang that is exported isn't a bad drop, had it in Thai restaurants in London, the bottled muck they sell in Thailand is fit only for dossers. The 2 are totally different beers, export being 5% and 100% malt while the domestic bottled stuff is 6.something and made with added rice I think.
  5. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    0.33 bottles???

    not bad if they are 6% something, it could as Oz you ahve strong beers as well??

    but like cigarettes, those who like chang will pay what ever it cost...i think :wink:
  6. feejer

    feejer Ol'Timer

    If I could find Beer Lao here in California, all would be right with the world.

    For your viewing pleasure :D

  7. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Sorry guys, I forgot that in Thailand a case of beer is the same as 24 x 1 beer...

    Here to buy a 6 pack is about 1/2 the price of 24, and to buy a single is about 1/4 the price of 6...

    So a 6 pack of Chang would probably be about $Au21, THB600, and a single about $4, 115 Baht...

    I didn't realise that there was a difference between the domestic Chang (which I think is pretty bad) and the export stuff...

    I just thought is was funny, because the good domestic mass market beers are about $Au35 case of 375Ml Bottles (1000THB) and the really good small production local beers about $50 case (1430THB)... So I was getting a giggle that they were trying to place (what I saw as crap) Chang as better than the good local beers...

    I guess it might work for Thai restaurants who can probably charge a premium for Authentic Thai beer, but who else would choose Chang over one of the other 30 cheaper or better beers???

    Anyway, If I see Beer Lao or Leo here I will try and get a photo of the cost of a single :)...

    Can't wait until November when I can tuck into a few San Miguel Lights...


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