Best country for a tourist to buy a bike to cross borders

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  1. Hi Riders,

    I have been reading the forums, it sounds like you guys have done some great trips, I have learnt a lot from reading them.

    I am planning a big tourist trip (6+ months) with my girlfriend around most of South East Asia. We want to do Vietnam, Cambodia, Loas, Thailand and Malaysia. And we don't really want to be in a hurry.

    Reading these forums it sounds like Vietnam is impossible to either get a bike in or out of, so we were thinking of hiring bikes in Hanoi (or Saigon), then travelling to Saigon (or Hanoi). Then we were going to fly somewhere to buy bikes. After getting the bikes, we would do the other countries, eventually selling/gifting the bikes at the end.

    We are not looking for big bikes, and was thinking the smaller scooter end of the market (dream or wave) as they are easiest to use and like I said before, we are not going to be in a rush (though I am happy for advice on this too).

    Does anyone know which is the best city to legally purchase a bike so that it can be in our names and registered so we can cross borders?

    We are happy to fly anywhere from Singapore to Chang Mai.

    Thanks very much,

  2. looking into it a bit more, I think I want something like a Honda Baja or similiar. Does anyone know where I could get a couple of these legal and registered as a non-resident?


  3. Hi marty,
    for my opinion, u should buy dualpurposed bike.thailand is the countryto buy bie cos its cheaper from malaysia...if like small bike u can buy in is cheaper cos local assamble is around rm5000. for honda/yamaha 120cc.anyway if u arrived malaysia u can cantact me at 012-2568742....
    but on 20th dec 08 to 4th January 2009.i will be on my ride to southern of laos and Combodie.other than that is ok.i will meet u at Kuala Lumpur.
    c u bro and hv nice day and ride :lol: :roll: :arrow:
  4. Thanks Happy feet. I was not aware of this information. Hanging around for a few weeks waiting for plates would not be a great issue for me I don't think.

    The price is high, but with a possibility of resale it is not too much of an issue.

    Do you think a couple of kawasakis would be best or is it better to buy a honda? For reliability and repairs?



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