Best day for rides and looking for company.


Dec 6, 2005
Not that sort of company...

Well, all my other plans have fallen through, but I have decided to spend just 1 week in Thailand from 20th July until 24th July...

In that time I would like to get up to CM for a couple of days and hire a Wave for some touring...

Is there any day that is even better than the rest to be in CM???

I am thinking that maybe board members would be available to accompany me on a ride more easily on the weekend than a weekday, but maybe the roads are more crowded on a weekend, that sort of thing...

Just want to do 2 x 1 day rides...

Anyone interested in showing me around sometime that week???

Oct 12, 2005
I'll make an offer, however:

* I just landed in LOS myself and don't know anything and will be no help in guiding/leading/keeping you out of trouble, whatsoever. As a matter of fact the only thing I can contribute is to getting you more lost, lots of trouble, and a concerted effort at uncovering the unsavory in farflung villages.

* I've not picked up a bike yet myself so therefore will be renting, but would rather do some rides on real motorbikes than a scooter.

So lets hope a better offer comes along for you.