Best one day ride from Chiang Mai? (Not MHS Loop)

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  1. CBR250

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    I'm planning a long 4 day visa run from Bangkok to Mae Sot.,98.21373+to:33%2FRoute+105%2FAH+1+to:16.86675,100.67143+to:16.08445,101.05542+to:15.16557,101.09263+to:Don+Muang+Tollway%2FUttaraphimuk+Tollway&hl=en&ll=16.467695,101.513672&spn=7.096509,14.128418&sll=16.214675,101.035767&sspn=1.777471,3.532104&geocode=FQ5T1QAdakr_BQ%3BFbDPHgEd227hBSlBeJnCyMzQMDHUAyWSduFpag%3BFcg5KgEdYp_aBSm1Sj_GJnLQMDFhpsPPxUYDEw%3BFR6H_wAdxrLgBQ%3BFb5dAQEdxh8ABinNQMcaqnkgMTHBVa6PVPsEEw%3BFeJt9QAdvPsFBiltJ41pwY0fMTEF9AzQzcRE5g%3BFYJo5wAdFo0GBilBu68CSEIeMTHgHDuEVPsEEw%3BFWVg1AAdKgv_BQ&oq=chiang+m&t=m&mra=dpe&mrsp=4&sz=8&via=2,4,5,6&z=6

    Day one: BKK-CNX
    Day two: ???
    Day three: MHS Loop, but continuing to Mae Sot. No experience of this, is it a bit long?
    Day four: Mae Sot to BKK via P'lok and Lom Sak.

    This would be the long weekend of April 6th-9th. Any advice on a day ride around CNX, I'd like to take in Doi Suthep in the morning, and then a nice dayride of perhaps 300-400km?

    I'm not too sure about the MHS loop to Mae Sot. I've never done it and it might be a bit much for one day? Any other nice routes connecting the two?

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  3. CBR250

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    Or perhaps MHS loop on day 2, and then an easy route to Mae Sot on day 3... Hmmm.


    Day 2 from CNX to MHS after a ride to Doi Suthep. Sleep in MHS.

    Day 3: MHS to Mae Sot to P'lok(?). Setting up a ride through Lom Sok and that awesome NP for the ride back to BKK on day 4.


    Any advise?
  4. madjbs

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    Do you usually drive those sort of distances on small Thai roads in one day? Chiang Mai to Mae Sot via Mae Hong Son is way too far for one day in my opinion.
  5. madjbs

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    I would do this:

    MS-BKK (via Kamphaengphet, Uttai Thani, Suphanburi)
  6. CBR250

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    Thanks. I usually do 500-700km on a day ride. BKK to 3 pagoda pass and back, BKK - Mukdahan, and then shorter 500km-ers going around Khao Yai or Kanchanaburi from BKK.

    I think I'll take it easy from CM and stay the night in Mae Sariang, a bit past MHS, then onto Mae Sot and beyond the following day.

    Thanks for your input.
  7. DavidFL

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  8. CBR250

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    looks great, thanks.
  9. SB2011

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    i am a german biker, live in Lampang. I want to know what is next date,time,meeting point for" One Day Ride in Chiang Mai ".

    Thanks uwe
  10. johngooding

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    Hi Uwe, Welcome to the area. Maybe you would like to join us at the next GT Rider dinner in Chiang Mai on Friday 28th September. You will meet a good number of local riders, and can talk about future ride plans. Details for the dinner can be found in the Northern Sectionon the forum. Riders also meet at the X Centre Mae Rim on Sunday evenings to watch Moto GP and F1 races.
  11. SB2011

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    Hello Johngooding,
    thank you for answer me. I wil go soon to X center and i wil see.

    Greets Uwe

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