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  1. I've recently been looking for different riding apps to record/map routes, and also to source routes that others have mapped and reviewed.

    So far I've downloaded two (Greatest Road and Eat Sleep Ride), but unfortunately both have very little data for routes in Thailand. I was wondering if anyone uses these or any other apps?
  2. Im slightly wary of these social / mapping apps - I mean, the greatest ride gives you the opportunity to enter the model of bike you ride, we all ( maybe all ) post with regular usernames and pictures of bikes on social media and blogs - and then by using an app like 'the greatest ..' could be exposing our home address to wannabe bike thieves. I for one always forget to turn off my GPS tracker as I'm approaching home, and usually for several days after.

    If in the wrong hands, I could come home and find one or more of my bikes missing.

    If I want to share a route, I would be happier reviewing it in googlemaps and posting the link, here for example, with a trip report.

    I checked 'greatest ..' the one route near me was one a Malaysian rider uploaded from Sadao to Chiang Mai, using the Petkasem road - hardly worth using a GPS for, there is a huge sign that points to Bankgkok as you leave Hat Yai.
  3. Hi,

    If using Android. Check our OSMAnd plus. Paid for version. Money goes to site hosting etc.

    For tracking check out osm tracker. Free. Loads of features. You can export your track, upload to osm and many more.

    Gpx reader to view your track or a track sent to you.

    Example of osm tracker and gpx reader here.

  4. Totally understand re: the privacy thing. I've only used Eat Sleep Ride once, last weekend and did think about that so started and finished it a couple of KM from my house just to be safe.

    As you mentioned, the apps are really only as good as the data in them, and if nobody uses them near you then they are pretty useless for finding new routes!

    I was quite surprised to see that nobody really uses them in Bangkok either, with just a couple of routes being listed to-date. I guess the reason i'm interested in them is for finding scenic routes that people have already tried, tested and reviewed rather than just getting from A to B. I guess i'll have to sniff around on this forum a bit more to find some decent routes . . .
  5. Hi.
    I agree with Brian. OSM is probably the best to use in Thailand. I se more and more errors in Garmin-ESRI maps.

    It’s not really a smart thing to publish your tracks with your home as start and endpoint.
    Easy to fix.
    - Start/stop the recording away from your home.
    - Edit start and end point using GPX editors or Basecamp.
    - Edit in Apples TextEdit or Windows Note.

    I came over a interesting app on Google Play. Glympse.
    It’s a app that give your position live and you can share that with whoever you want.
    A bit like Google Latitude, but easier to use. You can share up to 4 hours on the free version.

    Great to share with your wife so she can have the dinner ready by the time you arrive home,
    but even greater to share with friends so they can have a cold beer ready..
  6. Thanks for the feedback!

    I think ESR has a similar feature for live tracking for group rides also, but i've never tested it to see how accurate it is. A nice feature on the paid ESR app is the emergency crash message/call feature which uses the phones compass to alert someone if you crash or come off with your location - again, i like the idea but I've never used it! :cool:
  7. Have yet to find one that I like.

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