Best Riding Roads in Isaan?

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  1. I am taking a week solo ride around and through Isaan in the 4-10 December window. I plan to leave from BKK, go out through Prachin Buri and Sa Kaeo to Ubon, and then follow 212 all the way around the Isaan-Mekong border to Nong Khai. I will then zig-zag around through Isaan - the totally arbitrary objective of this trip is to visit all of the Isaan changwats, as well as to find as much mor laam/luk thung as possible.

    My question is: What are the best (i.e., most scenic and interesting) roads in Isaan that MUST be included on such a meandering trip. Bike is a GS1150, I don't mind dirt roads but I'm not looking for enduro-type experiences.

    Thanks for your suggestions (and your ongoing series of ride reports, Captain Slash).

    While on the topic, any suggestions re sights to see, night spots to check out, restaurants, hotels, music, etc. will also be appreciated.

  2. Hi S

    While you are in Nakhon Phanom, visit Ho Chi Ming House and museum,, intresting place and lot's to see.

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  3. I just did an Issan run in October. Coming from Cambodia my fascination was the Khmer Temples with in the Thai borders. I have a DR 650 and didnt see dirt.

    went Pattaya-Korat. Wanted to see Phi Mai and ended up going farther north on the 207 to Nang Ram and old temple then west to Sida and back to Korat stopping at a few more points of interest. Had such a good time I booked 2 more nights. Stayed in the Chao Phraya Inn. Watch out for the one way roads. Went west the next day to Muang Sema and saw a large reclining Buddha nearby. On the final day I went south to Khon Buri to a site in a school yard and saw another Prasat along the way on the main road.

    The following day I got to Phnom Rung by 10am, saw that, then hit Muang Tam, then took the back way into Prasat Angkhan which was a little more off the beaten track. Long day as I made it into Surin about 5PM.

    Got to Surin on a monday and didnt leave until the following sunday. Good nite life there. Spent the time there doing a day trip then hitting the pool then going out at night. Hit Ban Pluang south of Prasat, then went east looking for Sin Chai on the Thai Maps, but locals call it Muang Chai. In Srok T'nol. While looking for Muang Chai I stumbled on Prasat Beng. It was more of a ruin but the road south to it was a nice paved ribbon winding between green rice paddies.

    I met a nice Thai couple at Muang Chai and dragged them along to find Ban Plai on the way to Surin just 11K north of Prasat

    for some pics.

    Have fun.


    sorry about the bad link, was case sensitve. has been corrected.
  4. Do you remember what road and waht town it was near,the reclining Budha was on Haven't seen that one yet?
  5. about 30K west of Korat on the 2, then go north at Sung Noen. There were historical signs but sometimes you miss those. I remember a few k into town from the highway then crossing railroad tracks to get to Muang Sema, there is also another old town site around there as well. I went back into town then followed more signs to the Reclining Buddha.
  6. Thanks I will have to check that out. If your still in the area, there is Khemer ruins just outside of Khan Kean. Tjhe most beautfilu Cheddi I have ever seen in the Roi Et area, John gooding has the information on that one. Issan is no Golden Triangle but there is good riding here as well.

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