Best road north out of Vientiane and thoughts on schedule?

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  1. Hi All,

    Which, in your opinions, would be the most interesting road to take North out of Vientiane? Route 13 or Route 10?
    This would be on Enduro style bikes, probably Honda Baja's.
    By interesting i mean the views and sights along the way, any interesting side trips and the road conditions. We don't mind dirt but nothing too serious!

    Also, when planning our trip, roughly how many kms can we expect to cover on average. We don't want to be rushing and we want to be able to stop at will for sights, photo opportunities, food etc. I realise there is no simple answer to this question down to road conditions etc.

    Here is my current thought for a route. (tell me your thoughts please, if/what you would change? and above all if this is reasonable?) We will have 9 or 10 days to cover it and will be in early April 2014:-

    Commence Vientiane, head North on either rte 10/13 or rte 13 to Luang Prabang.
    Double back to Phou Khoun and then left onto rte 7 to Phonsavan.
    The turn right onto rte 1D, travelling south until the junction of rte 8.
    Left onto rte 8 to Lak Sao.
    Double back on rte 8 until left to Kong Lor.
    Return to rte 8, turn left to rte 13 the turn right and head back to Vientiane.

    Google maps tells me this is a journey of 1389kms. By my reckoning (and i could be VERY wrong!) - over 10 days, 140kms per day should be a walk in the park...............maybe?!!!

    Looking forward to your comments, good or bad,

  2. If you take a look at
    I'd recommend trying the Pakxan - Phonasavan road, route

  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for your reply. Looks good. But i'm not sure how i can fit it in with the rest of my planned route without covering a lot of the same roads twice?
    Will have to give it some thought.
  4. Be aware that Google maps is quite inaccurate for Laos so take all distances given with a degree of skepticism.

    As far as riding north out of Vientiane, there's nothing interesting until you get in to the mountains north of Phonsavang. The 13 is much faster, more direct and in better repair than the 10 so that would be my choice.
  5. Thanks TonyBKK!

  6. How was the trip Andy - everything work out ok?
  7. Hi, i am currently in Viang Vieng and will be going down to Vientiane in a couple days.
    Would you recommend highway 13 or 10?
    If the road condition is similar, I am thinking taking highway 10 as it should be less busy with less trucks in the road.
  8. R10 is probably a bit more enjoyable.
    Make sure you stop at the Nam Ngum dam for a meal.
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    Thanks David. We took the R10 and had a good ride down to Vientiane with only a few km of red, dusty roads.
    We had a nice lunch at the dam with a good view on the lake.
    Checked out Ekalath hotel first but the place looks like it should be condemned it looked so old and run down.
    So we stayed at Douang Deuane Hotel which is 1/2 block from the river. 200kip/n for a double including bf.
    Had covered parking for bikes and a locked fence around the bikes at night. IMG_20161207_133942411_HDR. IMG_20161207_201755368.
  10. The Ekalath is a classic & one of the "originals."
    The rooms are ok IMHO - huge & clean.
    I like the privacy & secure parking at the back.

    Looks like you've got nice weather with those blue skies.

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