Best way to list / categorise bikes?

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  1. Hi all,

    Q: What is the best way to list/categorise bikes for general buy/sell purposes?

    Originally went with classifications such as Cruiser/Touring/Scooter (etc, etc), but quickly discovered very few bothered to select the proper classification (Cruisers placed in Scooters category etc, etc).

    Thus, have come up with the following 'simplified' categories (subject to revisions)

    1000cc +

    Basically want to make it easier for those looking for a big bike without having to sort through scores of scooters (and vice-versa).
    Any helpful suggestions or alternatives from the board would be most appreciated.


    PS: also added check-boxes (optional) to designate if a bike's ever been dropped, ex-rental, registered, etc but this seems to have put some sellers off... Too much info?
  2. "Any helpful suggestions or alternatives from the board would be most appreciated."

    I don't have any idea what you're talking about. Did you post this on the wrong site? It's out of context.

    Does it have anything to do with
  3. Obviously this is from Baht and Sold, and they are making a request to a community of motorcyclists as to how they can make it easier for those wanting to buy a bike, by classifying them in groups so buyers do not have to trawl thro all the adverts, but can focus on a smaller target group.
    I do not think it is out of context or an unreasonable request, but I cannot offer much help as to useful groups. People have different ideas about what is a big bike and many of us like to trawl thro the adverts from time to time to see what the market is doing.
    As for the check boxes, I think people are reluctant to tick a box that gives negative info about the bike, even if it is honest info. Maybe too much info as you have already indicated.
  4. @KZ25 - Please pardon if my original post wasn't clear, or out of context.

    @johngooding - Thanks much John for making my request clearer. And yes, my intention was to seek advice from the MC community on best ways to classify bikes for buyers (and ultimately sellers success). As you point out, people have different ideas about what constitutes a big bike, or sports bike etc, etc. Thus the need to try to arrive at a simplified way to classify bikes.

    @2wheels - Case in point well made, thanks. Agreed, except 'up to 250' lumps in all the scooters.

    So, taking your lead (4 classifications) how about:
    up to 135cc

    136-499cc (one has to be pedantic unfortunately, or 500's etc will be found in both up/down cats)


    over 1000cc

    Here's the the larger picture:

    *SELLERS seem to prefer a single 'one size fits all' motorcycle for sale category -and with zero options to tick.

    *BUYERS on the other hand might not wish to sort through a myriad of different bikes as most have at least a general idea of what they're looking for from the outset. Buyers also want as much information as possible prior to contacting the seller to avoid (DUAL) time-wasting...

    Thus, decided to go with cc classifications and also to keep the (optional) check-boxes.

    Trying to make improvements (and raise standards) is difficult. So, if a seller doesn't wish to click 'Accident? - Never' (or- Minor/Repaired) or click if it's an ex-rental, or if it's registered/taxed/has GB, or prefer to select that they are an Owner when they are actually a Dealer/Agent, it's their choice (and hopefully those who do opt to show complete, factual options/info are rewarded). However, at the least buyers will be able to sort by base cc sizes (or 'all') in the future and hopefully this will prove helpful (ultimately to sellers as well).
  5. A short sentence of introduction would have looked more professional, like "Hi, I'm (name), I work as a (job description) for bahtsold and am currently trying to improve the way to post a sales ad." About 60 readers didn't comment until I asked for more info.
    That said, I'm a big fan of bahtsold, sold several bikes over the years and can only recommend it! No long wait for the ads to appear, functions are easy, pics load up easily, and a high success rate.
    My suggestion to your post: "Basically want to make it easier for those looking for a big bike without having to sort through scores of scooters (and vice-versa)."
    Good idea, so seperate scooters and semi-automatics from the "real bikes". Biggest scooter is 135cc, then there are the Boss 175 and the Phantom 200. Real bikes start at 250cc (actually 249cc) and up. Make two categories: 50 - 249cc and 250cc and up open.
    Please don't go overboard and make us click several different categories for big bikes; there aren't that many, even if you click "All" of Thailand, and I enjoy the potpourri of bikes for sale. I don't mind if there's a Hayabusa next to a T-Max or a KLX250 next to a Triumph or a 1300 Beemer. I just don't want to click for a 500cc, then click for a 750cc, then click for a 1000cc bike and so on. Like you said, seperate the scooters from the bikes=good idea; don't over-complicate.
    "also added check-boxes (optional) to designate if a bike's ever been dropped, ex-rental, registered, etc but this seems to have put some sellers off..."
    Most of the info I write into my ad, but I don't mind filling in the boxes. But I'd drop some categories like bore/stroke - who knows (or cares) about the bore/stroke of a 400 Four or a Ninja? Also ignition type - choose from electric/remote/manual - ?? Chain, belt, shaft - too technical, like you said, puts people off. Instead I'd put a box with repairs next to accident and one for extras. Also one for invoice/green book.
    One more thing: an automatic log-in function, a password memory would be nice. I use bahtsold only frequently and have to get a new password all the time, look for it in my old email inbox. Maybe there is a function but I haven't seen it. Like gt-rider, I click the link and I'm right in, I like that.
    That's my two baht, keep up the good work!
  6. Late again :oops:

    up to 135cc
    136-450cc ( I don't think there are many 470cc production bikes:?:)
    over 1000
  7. Suzuki RM 465
  8. While I am sure there is a collector somewhere who would like to buy a early '80's two-stroke dirt bike, the chances of it being advertising on Bahtsold might be slim :wink:

    So here you are

    136-465 (Sorted)

    This also implies some knowledge of the market by Bahtsld
  9. When I advertised vehicles for sale in the US one paper supplied an A4 sized sign made of thin plastic you could fill out and hang into the rear window or attach to the bike.
    It said "FOR SALE" in big letters, then had a free space where the seller could write information like model/year/mileage/price and phone number.
    On the bottom it said: "as seen in" and then the name and colored logo of the paper.
    That way potential buyers could read the info whereever the vehicle was parked and sellers were running free advertisement for the paper.
    Maybe you could create such a sign which sellers can download and print out.
  10. I have to say I like the idea of a printable sign, should not be that difficult to make and cold make some free advertising for bathsold :)

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