Best Way to Transfer Ownership?

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  1. I have gone through the various FAQs on this and other forums, and they have been very helpful in spelling out what I need to have in order to effect a transfer of ownership.

    I have a specific question, however:

    I live in Bangkok. I will buy a legitimately green-booked (tabiyan)motorcycle that is owned, registered, and plated in Chiang Mai. My objective is to get the bike ownership in my name and the registration/plate to Bangkok. I'd like to do this with as little time in Chiang Mai as possible.

    At present the owner and I are intending to do a two-step process that would involve getting the Chiang Mai registration/tabiyan transferred from him to me in Chiang Mai. That is estimated to take two working days in Chiang Mai. Then, once I am back in BKK with the bike, I will transfer the registration/plate from CM to BKK. That is projected to take 6 weeks or so.

    If it were possible for me to do both steps in BKK, then I would not have to spend ANY working days in CM, but could go up, bring the bike back, and then deal with the paperwork here. Is that possible, and if so what papers are necessary (from whom) for that to be done without hitting paperwork obstacles.

    Tks in advance, if I have been unclear in stating the question, let me know...

  2. You don't have to go to Chiang Mai. The current owner goes to the vehicle registration office and gets 3 "power of attorney - change of location & ownership" forms there, signs them. Once this is done he then sends you per EMS: registration book, last pay receipt of tax payment, last receipt of compulsory insurance payment, 3 power of attorney forms filled in for his details & signed, 2 ID-thai/passport-foreigner/workpermit-foreigner copies signed, 2 houseregistration-thai copies signed, he/she sends you the vehicle per tranport company & keys. You then take his/her documents fill the rest of your data in and make the same copies of your documents sign them and go to the vehicle registration office of your district. Give them all the forms and register the change of ownership and place of registration. They will ask you to come once more with the motorcycle to make the technical check-up and get the new plates & green book back in your name already. Please take some Thai friend to help you, I once managed to get everything done in one day. It's not difficult, but documents must be complete and properly filled in. Good luck, Franz
  3. Hi Friends,

    Franz has done a so complete and detailed answer that I won't add anything to it, apart from my confirmation as getting bike with plate and Green Book from Rayong I had to change it to Bangkok.

    If you have some trustable Thai relatives or family, you can as well offically mandate them to do it on your behalf, which should reduce the headhake I recommand as sometime we could have better to do.

    A simple operation, agin as Franz wrote, when everything is in order.
  4. The only other problem u may find is when the bike was registered was the inspection put on the Bangkok computer, if not You may have to pay a large sum of money to re-register the bike as all big bikes must be on the BANGKOK inspection computer not the provincial one.This is a rare problem but it does occur sometimes. I have seen 4 instances of this anomaly.It usually affects HDs but I saw a Honda that had this problem too.
  5. How the devil would I know this until after I had bought the bike and it is MY problem?
  6. No it comes out during the transfer process , so it is a lottery , when and where was the bike registered , where was it inspected If registered in Chiangmai/Bangkok/Phuket /Pattaya,Chonburi you should be OK if Chantaburi do not touch it for an bscure province be more careful.Most Chiangmai bikes are properly inspected and on the national ?Bangkok computer.

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