Better tyres for Kawasaki Z250

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  1. My Z250 has 17 inch IRC Road Winner tyres, front 110/70 and rear 140/70.

    A few weeks ago I was riding a nice new road .... with a bit of gravel (for about 10km) on it and that was very unpleasant riding. Quit a few times I could feel the rear or front sliding a bit in a curve. Never had that so much before (with my Kawasaki Versys with Pirelli MT60RScoras or Avon Distanzia tyres). I checked the tyre pressure and it seems OK.

    So although I am not yet in the need to replace the tyres I am a bot searching what is for sale in Thailand. The size seems a bit weird as there are not so much options that does not change the height of the bike too much. I liked the Avon Distanzia but I think the size is not really matching.

    So has anyone a good recommendation?
  2. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires are absolutely night & day better than IRC road losers. They last well on smaller cc less torquey bikes even with the soft compound, they are fantastic in the dry & pretty damn impressive in the wet! I have 110/70 & 140/70 on my bike & they are easy to find in Thailand from any big bike shops.
  3. I wanted to get the Diablos but - no have!

    Thanks, Joel, for the advice to go to the shop behind the weekend market.

    Very professional, they spooned on Michelin Street Radials instead and even gave me a discount - paid 6,000 baht instead of 6,500.

    They are a step up from the IRC and the 140 rear gives the bike better handling at slow speeds.

    I put 12,000+ km on them and there's plenty rubber left for at least another 12,000 km. Guess it's the light weight and low power.
  4. There's a few shops in Bangkok that you can send money to by ATM machine transfer & the will EMS post the tires to your house.

    Competizioni-Moto Co Ltd would be my first phone call.

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