Beware of Hospitals in Cambodia!!!!!!


Oct 1, 2009
Hi all, after completing a 9000 km, 65 day tour in Laos, I got hit by a Khmere Army lorry 20 min from home. They took me to Calmet Hospital in PP, fractured ulna, fractured tibia, bruised sternum. No food or water, you need someone to bring it in for you, but anyway, I woke up on day 3 to find that I had been filled up with Demoral and robbed. GPS, camera, 2 phones, notebook, cash, bike keys and a compass, I left the hospital the same day, only to get home and find that my flat had been robbed as well, laptop, watch, some clothes were gone. If you are ever in hospital here, get a mate to come and collect your valuables for you. The Army paid for my hospital bill and bike repairs, but no compensation for the three months work revenue lost. I have been in plaster for two months now.........but the ride report about Laos will be posted as soon as I can type two handed again. :take-that: