Beware possible road closures across the Kingdom in coming days! Angry rice farmers!

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  1. Farmers to block all main roads across country tomorrow
    The Nation

    And more heading to Bangkok to demand money for rice sold to govt scheme

    BANGKOK: -- RICE FARMERS plan to scale up their protests against the government by closing all main roads in the country tomorrow.

    With their days-long blockade of roads in Ratchaburi having little impact, rice farmers in the western province were initially looking to the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives (BAAC) for help. But the group later announced they would close all main roads across the country to force the caretaker government to resolve their crisis.

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  2. The Chinese have backed out of the Deal to Buy the Rice so there is NO Money coming to the Governments Hands soon so I think the Farmers have slim to No Chance of getting Paid but Blocking all the Main Roads won't make them many Friends either!!! Stupid Scheme from the Start and the Farmers should never have believed in it but there You go! Another Fine Mess the Government has gotten everyone into! Like Laurel and Hardy!!!
  3. And slim just left town!
  4. ..and these farmers are the ones who vote for Yingluk's mob?
  5. ^ rottenecard_1096155_5mbdbmsg7y.png ;)
    (And this certainly does not apply exclusively to the Thai electorate...) :/

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