Big Bike Rental in Malaysia?

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  1. Cheers all,

    I have been looking for a place to rent big bikes to tour Malaysia, and the only places I can find are tour companies with guided tours. I DO Not want to take a guided tour. I just want to rent a couple of bikes for a few weeks and tour myself. Do any of you know of any good places to rent bikes in KL? Thanks in advance
    Cheers from Korea
  2. So I guess that there are NO big bike rentals in Malaysia??????
  3. There's quite a few malaysian riders who come up to LOS for trips and participate on this board. Come on you malaysian bikers and give a fellow rider some help as he's not asking for angolean bike rentals, would ya please !!!!
  4. Probably worth posting on a Malaysian bike website. :wink:
  5. Generally there are no big/small bike rental in Malaysia
  6. Thanks Muzz, That was the ONLY site that I found that rented big bikes.
    Seems strange that alot more people aren't renting bikes in Malay.
    Does anyone recommend some good loops to do? I have read the routes that the bike "tour " guys take. Do any of you have trip reports with photos?
    It's going to be 10* here in Korea today, gotta take out the Shadow today.
  7. Why not just pop up to Phuket from Malaysia if you need to get back from Korea for a few days. Good deals to be had there....
  8. rental is just not common because of the cost to own and the theft rate.
    many rentals are through private owners only. R1, KTM or BMW can be had.

    For any persons thinking of renting a bike or joining an organized bike tour, I can recommend Ride Adventure just outside KL at Batu Caves, Central Point


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