Big Bike Rider Training. Chiang Mai.

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  1. Yamaha Riders Club
    Big Bike Rider Training. Chiang Mai.
    By Japanese Riding Instructor Mr. Kazutoshi Iwao. :thumbup:

    9.00AM 6 November - 9PM 7 November 2010.

    More info: Contact Khun Oat at Charoen Motor Chiang Mai. Tel 0840468846

    Open to all big bikes.

    :clap: :clap:
  2. Two days bike training for less than the cost of my right glove. Kazutoshi Iwao is a legend. Anyone else coming? It should make you a safer rider, even if it does clash with the MotoGP!
  3. I'll be there, looking forward to it, even though my Japanese is very basic.

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