Big bike shop in Phitsanulok : K-Speed (aka Biker Villa)

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  1. Russ McDermid

    Russ McDermid Active Member

    Just a quick plug for K-Speed, in Phitsanulok.  They were very helpful to me recently when I had a problem finding tyres for my Transalp.

    They carry a limited range of Pirelli tyres, and have the fitting & balancing machines on site.  They also seem capable of engine repairs judging by the stripped down Ducati engine they were working on while I was there.

    K-Speed/Biker Villa

    Location on Map

    Co-ordinates - N16.8175 E100.2975

    IMG_20151225_095258. K-Speed, Phitsanulok


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  3. canthai

    canthai Ol'Timer

    Nice shop. Clean, well equipped. In my fone under 'Just in Case' Thanks

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