Big Bike Training 26 June 2011

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  1. During the NorthRide for Japan charity event a number of people asked Khun Tum, if he was going to offer any more big bike training courses. As a result he has planned the following:

    We invite you to join training motorcyclists in the Big Bike project
    Sunday, 26/6/54 at 8:30 to 17:30.
    At Chiang Mai Airport Speed ​​Way, A. Hang Dong, Chiang Mai.
    You will learn how to ride Big Bike Motorcycles properly secure and new techniques to make your vehicle easily. You can sense the changes in your driving is a joint training just one day. Suitable for both novice and experienced. Taught by a team of knowledgeable and experienced in teaching and driving more than 10 years.

    Fee 1,000 Baht including lunch and T activities.
    083-9400882 for more information: Tam Bunnag.
    Or [email protected].
    Been limited. Registration deadline 19/6/54.
    กำหนดการ Schedule
    8.30-9.00 ลงทะเบียน : Register
    9.00-9.30 ปฐมนิเทศ : Orientation
    9.30-10.30 เรียนภาคทฤษฎี 1 : theoretical study 1
    10.30-12.00 เรียนภาคปฎิบัติ 1 : Learn practical part 1
    12.00-13.00 พักรับประทานอาหารเที่ยง : Break for lunch
    13.00-14.00 เรียนภาคทฤษฎี 2 : theoretical study 1
    14.00-16.00 เรียนภาคบฎิบัติ 2 : Learn practical part 2
    16.00-17.00 ตอบคำถาม : Answer questions
    17.00-17.30 สรุปปิดกิจกรรม : Summary of events off

    If you are interested please contact him on the number given. It will be an enjoyable day and an excellent chance to pick up or hone skills.
  2. Good idea Tum, pleae organise a girls only one as well.
  3. Cool stuff, though I almost missed it had ronwebb not pointed it out in another thread. I will try to make it.

    By the way I just realized what I need in this forum: A way to see all threads, sorted by last-post-date, no matter in which sub-forum or sub-sub forum they were posted. A little like the "new posts" display, except without "posts you have seen once" disappearing. Is that somewhere? Just one linear list, as if all of GT-Rider were just a single forum.

    That would be GREAT!!

    I never check any sub forums except for the Kawasaki one, and the "new posts" link which unfortunately cannot be bookmarked, so invariably, I miss stuff. Like this one.

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