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  1. Anybody selling a 250ccm enduro or a 400ccm touring bike, need a second one to be parked in Chiang Mai for my frequent visits on weekends. Must have all legal registration & be plated (frame and engine numbers matching in the green book), well maintained, age is not so important. Anyone replying, please send via email. Thanks, Franz
  2. Franz I have 2 Honda 250cc enduro's, 1 is an XR Baja 2004 the other is an XR Tornado 2003 both have the plate and so green books, in excellent condition although they are not for sale but if the price was right I would let 1 go...... They are here in Pattaya though not in Chiang Mai.
  3. Hi Franz,

    My plan was to put my Honda Transalp 400 XLV up for sale or trade in against a DRZ 400SM next week when Ive finished moving house but.I`ve had my Transalp for about 2 years,everything works well and its never let me down apart from a flat battery on one occasion!!
    Its a great touring bike....comfortable/ reliable and still nimble/ economic enough to use around town day to day.I have some good quality throw over panniers and custom made pannier frames which I am happy to include for you if you want!
    There are a few small scuffs on one side where I had a low speed off down a dirt road but apart from that the bike is clean and tidy and in Chiangmai for your viewing pleasure!!

    Green book and paperwork..frame/ engine numbers all correct
    Mileage: 69,000km
    Oil/filter changed every 5000km
    New CDI unit (last month)
    New rubber footpegs and handlebar grips
    Fairly new rear tyre.
    Full tank of gas to get you started :eek:))
    Removable top box (great for keeping your electrical stuff dry on trips and carrying your Jack Daniels around of an evening)
    Panniers and removable pannier frames.

    203122537-S. 203122540-S.

    I`ve priced the Transalp at a modest 165,000 baht including panniers.

    You or anyone interested are welcome to come and view the bike / book just call or post me to arrange.I can`t seem to upload photo`s to GT-rider so please email me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] and I will send you bike photies on request.
  4. Franz, I have checked round Pattaya for you and cannot find anything in the 60-70,000 baht price range with a book. However there is a 1993 Honda XLR 200cc at 40,000 without the book ( can put a book on it for 20,000 ).
  5. Hi Guys, thanks for all your efforts and offers, I've decided to buy a quite old, legal, but well maintained XJ750, which will suit me fine as my second but rarely used touring bike in CNX. Thanks again !
  6. hardly find used part or new part for XJ750 in Thailand.
  7. Dear David, thanks for posting the pictures !!

    Dear Mike, many thanks, bought already the XJ750.

    Dear XXX, no problem for me, get the parts new from my dealer in Europe, where not available anymore, I will have to improvise, got myself ordered already rings & gaskets for the engine & gearbox. Anyway as this bike has a cardan drive, no hassles with chain & sprockets. Former owner loved the bike, as I mentioned before very well maintained, but difficult to sell. Anyway, what would I do on my weekends if I haven't got anything to work on......

    Cheers, Franz
  8. Franz I think you did the right thing as even old dirt/enduro bikes hold quite a large price tag and to find one in good condition, would have been hard in that price range especially with a book. Best of luck with the XJ hope it gives you a few hours of fun.
  9. Dear Richard, many thanks, will have some fun, that's for sure, I don't worry about technical glitches as I grew up as the son of a mechanic with his own shop, bikes-cars-trucks-tractors....

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