BIG bikes at dealerships - how many cc?

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  1. Up to what size can you get bikes at dealers? 200cc or 250cc? I got different info off different websites. As far as I know the Honda Phantom 200 is the "biggest" bike dealers import and service. Some people say it's up to 250cc. Why aren't dealers importing more 250's then? No market? I bet a Ninja 250 or a 250 Rebel would sell. Once I saw a couple of brandnew watercooled 250cc Kawasaki Enduros in front of a dealership, for around 110.000 Baht.
    So where's the cutoff?
  2. you can get bigger than 250cc here you just need to find a big bike shop :) and buy a real bike like an African twin.

  3. Thanks for replying, SiFuh, even though you're a bit off the mark. I do have a "big" bike which no dealer services, since I live in the boonies. I have to travel to BKK (400km) every time I need a tire, a chain or who knows what part. So I stick to Micky Mouse bikes like the Phantom and the Boss 175, because I can get them fixed in my village. The Phantom blew a headgasket with only 10.000km on the clock - I'd have to load it on my pick-up (then it really would look like a HARLEY!!!) and spend a few days in BKK. I wouldn't let any mechanic in my town touch my bike! Every time they try to fix one thing they break two other things. I'd rather go to a farang shop like Peter's (and pay a few hundred Baht more for labor!) and know I have it fixed right!
    So my question was, is it possible to buy new 250cc bikes at dealerships?
  4. Ok I see, sorry.
    Just checking the map now to see your location.

    Nice place according to the pictures. :) Bad place for motorcycles repairs.

    I will ask around but I don't fancy your chances..

  5. Picked up the Phantom yesterday, paid 740 Baht for the whole repair - for that price it's worth waiting two weeks. It takes a week for a part to arrive, and of course they forgot to order another little paper gasket, then broke a rubber ring, which they had to order.... but - what you get elsewhere for twenty bucks?! I got four Kayaba shocks for my pick-up, installed, for 2.200 Baht! But they put a dent in the door in the process...
    Back to the question: Can I get a 250cc bike from a dealer, with service? Or is the Phantom the "biggest" bike?
  6. Well I looked and asked around. No luck. You can get a 250cc bike from most big bike shops. That is usually where it starts. 175cc is not really classed as a big bike so most places can do repairs on it. If you do get a 250cc you will probably find the closest place to repair it is in Bangkok. Might be an idea to just learn how to repair yourself :)

    I will be about 300 km from your location in 2 days time so maybe I can look around there that way you only have to ride for 3 hours not 4. I got rid of my bike before I went back to Australia so I will probably be looking around for a 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike. We will see what happens.

    Have fun.
  7. Okay, that kind of settles it, I guess. No bigger bike than 200cc from a dealer who would also service the bike. Friend of mine is talking about Suzuki bringing in a ST250 fourstroke streetbike, with a retro look. I can't find any info on a ST250 anywhere. Also I don't believe that an importer can't sell bikes here with 250cc.........??!!
    I learned how to work on bikes, even though I won't call myself a mechanic. But adjusting valves once in a while or doing easy stuff like bleeding brakes, brake pads, new tires aso I did plenty of times in the States, since it's about $55 an hour. Here the labor is cheaper than decent tools.... (Have to take the Phantom back, oil is leaking from under the valve cover...)
    So, the question remains about the 200cc - 250cc situation....
  8. Klaus, you have a good reason for the smaller bike. I hope you get all the bugs out of it. I'm coming to Thailand later this year or now it seems it may be early next year. I be retiring or at least finding new things to do. I'm still considering the Phantom. I'll take David's advise and rent something for awhile. I really like the Africa Twin, but am not sure about running in the traffic North of Bangkok. I'll have to ride to the airport for awhile to get on Skytrain, as I plan on improving my Thai with some school.I'm old enough not to worry with Big bike Little Bike stuff.

    I did a lot of checking and it seems the biggest bike Okayed by the government is the Phantom. BMW can sell their big bikes, but you'll pay through the nose and get it worked on at a big bike shop. How was the service Siam Super bike? It looks like you have a valve cover leak, but that can happen. I wish Peter would put some new product pics on his website.

    Let me know how the Phantom is doing. Good on you for getting what you want instead of something you don't need.


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  9. Hi danny, having had 30 used bikes in the last seven years from a 250 Enduro to a 1400 Intruder, from a '79 XS650 to a ZX9R including ten BMW K Series, I miss a decent bike. But around here you don't need it! Sure it would be fun, but with all the drawbacks I stick to "Snoopy bikes". Rode the Phantom from Phuket home, 520km, most of the time top speed, around 130km/h - it was fun! Okay, it would have been more fun on a SV650... BUT... cheap parts and insurance, legal paperwork, about 3,5L per 100km gasoline...
    Coming to think of it, I checked out several used Phantoms and noticed that some had grey cement or glue at the gaskets (or instead of gaskets - I paid 420 baht for a headgasket) with under 20.000km on the clock. The engine vibrates a bit (bore and stroke are almost the same, 63.5x62.2mm, while Kawa's 175cc engine is supersmooth and revvs, 65x52.4mm), guess they tried to give it some cruiser feel, it's not annoying since it's only a small engine, but maybe it's blowing headgaskets...? Something to keep an eye on.
    By the way, I have a superclean 1 year old Kawa Boss 175 with only 8.000km for sale...
    - Klaus

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  11. Kyle, the Kawa is very clean, hardly a scratch, and has extras like luggage rack, chrome crash bars and a windshield. Color is dark green metallic. Tax is paid and I did an oil change. I'll sell it for 59.000 Baht. Save 15.000 Baht over a new one!

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