Big Bikes Banned From National Parks

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  1. I'll be in Mae Sariang Dec 25. How can I get from Mae Sariang to Chiang Mai without going through a National Park on the 26?
  2. You could ask the same question about the Nam Nao national park on the lovely 12 highway between Lomsak and Chumpae. There are manned barriers at both ends of the park.
    However I believe the law only applies to those parks where you are only admitted after you pay the entry fee to enter the park. Khao Yai is a prime example of this, a very popular destination for Bangkok and southern Isaan bikers. A couple of years ago they were testing big bikes with decibel meters on entry and were not allowing noisy ones to enter. I do not know if this practice was a short term thing, but seems to be a fairer way of stopping noisy bikes or cars to disturb the park wildlife. As far as some of the ridiculously noisy bikes on the road. Ban them everywhere would be the best policy. Noisy pipes save lives is nonsense. There really is no excuse for changing the carefully designed exhaust systems on modern bikes. Let the flame wars begin. This is not a troll but a long held opinion.
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  3. Not a surprise really with the number of noisy bikes & groups of noisy bikes, but a claimed nationwide blanket ban would hardly be the right solution.
    There are also plenty of noisy 4W-ed+ vehicles & trucks belching out smoke that would cause just as ,much pollution.
    But lets wait & see what happens in practice.
  4. ... why don't they ban big cars?

    But - wait - that's only over the holiday season, right? Not forever, is it?

    And what's the size limit to be a "big" bike? .... cuz in Europe a 600 is a medium sized bike...
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