Big trip 01.02.2010

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  1. Dear bikers from everywere,

    I will come for a divine trip 1st week of januar to 20.02.2010. I will start from Bangkok, north Thai, Laos (if customs let me in), Cambodge and comeback to Bangkok.

    Really happy to have heard about this forum and gt-rider website, it's EXCCCELLLEEENNNTT. If anybody is on the way during this time or want to have some fun riding and sipping beers, let me know. Of course I will make a stop at the KAFE, hope to see some riders there.

    I'm good in basic mecanics, strong rider (old motocrosser-supermoto). Today more on old vintage bikes. I have still not found any good bike to buy for this trip. In case you have something, check this page: lookin-to-buy-a-bike-sidecar-t8597.html

    Of course I will bring on this forum any interesting feedbacks I can give from my trip.

    Hope to see someone of this forum on the road.

    Cheers, FLO
  2. Hi Flo,

    Welcome to the board... You have come to the right place for info on the Golden Triangle...

    Do you mean you will ride for 6 weeks??? That will be great I am sure...

    I don't know how successful you will be finding a vintage bike in Thailand, but good luck...

    I look forward to hearing more about your planning as things come together for you...


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