Big Yams in Thailand

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  1. This post was meant to follow on Ians in Yamaha bikes what do you want
    Sorry ended up as a new post.

    Agree with Ian's post above, but the FJR1300 is a lot closer to the UK price than products on offer from BMW or Triumph in Thailand.

    Not cheap but at 777,000 Baht with 2 year warranty and service and 1 year road tax and first class insurance, its not so far off European prices.
    Of course that has got a bit worse since the pound has dropped significantly in the last 3 months.
    The other Yamahas on offer are also very good value compared to other new big bikes available in Thailand. I believe this has something to do with a new trade agreement between Japan and Thailand, so maybe the import duty is lower for Yamaha.
  2. Now I know why its Captain Slash. LOL
    Hopefully Honda will follow suit and we may have some genuine competition for our business, not that I will be buying again for a good long time.
  3. yes they will be here soon thats why honda is running the 600 supersport and 1000 superbike races at nakhon , they will be fielding a full factory backed 600 team to show case there 600's to help push sales .
    good news for everyone
  4. Shane,

    Do you know if they are bringing in dirt bikes as well?
  5. Justin,
    They assured me at Yamaha they will be Bringing in Dirt Bikes By the end of the Year :D I am expecting something to be on Show or at least some information available at the Bangkok Motorshow end of March? I will be up for either a XT660R or WR450. As long as they have a Plate and are with in a reasonable Price? Have to wait and see? Fingers Crossed. So don't Jump in the Deep end yet on Buying a Second Hand Bike, may be able to get a New one for not much more :wink:
  6. It would be nice to get some reliable information on expected dates, models and prices. Lets hope you can talk to someone at the motor show in march from Yamaha and Honda that has at least a vague idea of whats going on.

    Not sure if I should even bother crossing my fingers or not.
  7. I wouldn't rely on reliable info given by dealers etc..

    At the Dec Motor Show 06, I was given the brochure of the 6 Yahaha bikes coming into Thailand in June 07.

    The brochure was correct, but the bikes didn't arrive till Dec 07

    ps. Like your avatar, is this the next women you will be looking for when you return.

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