Biggest/Largest Scooter for tall rider.

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    I am 1,90/100kg's and wonder if there is any scooter that will fit a taller/heavier rider better.
    I want to buy a new or almost new or a demo.
    I have been looking at these on the web:

    Honda Wave 125i, AirCool, 4-gear, FuelInjection, Electric Starter (48500 Baht)

    Honda Air Blade i, 110cc, LiquidCool, CVT, FI, Alloy Wheels (56,000 Baht)

    Kawasaki Kaze ZX130R, AC, Carb, 4-gear, ALW (47,500 Baht)

    Suzuki Raider 150R, AC, Carb, ES, 6-gear, ALW (54,500 Baht)

    Suzuki SkyDrive 125i, FI, CVT, ALW, (48900 Baht)

    Yamaha Spark RX 135i, LC, FI, 4-gear, ALW (52500 Baht) LOOKS BIG!

    Yamaha Nouvo Elegance, 135cc, LC, Carb, CVT, ALW (55000 Baht)

    I have no data on length, seat height, storage, weight, fuel capacity.

    What is the rule if thumb, how negotiable are the prices if you pay with cash in a swift deal, any "extra costs" when you buy a new scooter?

    The Spark 135i looks like the biggest....
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  3. nuwatmat

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    suzuki 400 burgerman,or burgman
    I got a nuvo 135. plesant bike. but a bit soft in the frame and spokes when it comes to speed abowe 100,i'm 80 kg 180 cm,its good enough for me and handles my weight whitout problems,however i had the pleasure to drive a burgman 400 and i did realy enjoy it.
    Dont pay more than 52 k for the elegance and demand a free helmet .


    Cant find any info on the Suzuki Burgman 400 ... Price_List

    What is the Suggested retail price for it?
    If it is like most imports it will be way too expensive (Yamaha T-Max is 550,000 Baht),
    Thai manufactured Kawasaki ER-6n is 240,000 Baht.
  5. mbox999

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    Hi there ,

    The Tiger G-Max could also be good is actually a PGO Scooter but i think tiger assembles them here 9Same as they do for sachs) . Its a 150cc so power is good i tested this one a while back very comfortable too. price is 69000 THB here is more info:
  6. nuwatmat

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    Totaly agreee,the g-max is the best bang for the bucks,been sitting on it it is bigger than most scooters.
    Red Baron has a 250 honda skywave for the royal sum of 128 k bth.and it is a 98


    Not familiar with Tiger at all, how is the quality, parts availability, trade in value?
    I think i will try to get my hands on a KLX 250.
    The Kawi er-6n also looks like a reasonable bike, are they small.
  8. Pikey


    SE, most of the bikes you mention on your list are available for rent in Chiang Mai. Why not try before you buy?


  9. Azoulay

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  11. Azoulay

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    Hi SuperEnduro,

    LOS means "Land of Smiles", the surname given for Thailand, you'lleasily understand why when benchmarking with other countries.

    Hope it will stay like that for long...
  12. bard

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    There are several Burgmans and skywaves for sale at the dealer in 3rd road in Pattaya, just around 100 odd thousand baht.

    My wife has a CZ-i which I have to admit is a neat machine for the money, goes on E10 and E20 as well, I tried it and it's OK for a scooter not my type of ride but for the money it's a lot of value and it has clutchless gearing, which is 100 time better than automatic.

    Before she had a Nuovo and the stupid automatic was shite, prior to that she had a Honda Wave for 8 years still working great when she sold it, never a single problem. Thus I would vote for a Honda CZ-i same as the 110 Wave but with fuel injection...

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    600cc is out of the question?
    Why spoil yourself a bit?

    Otherwise my Honda Silverwing600 has given me unmeasurable fun over 4 years and close to 70.000km

  14. Azoulay

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    Hi Friends,

    In France, the ultimate weapon is the Yamaha T Max 500 ABS + a Polini vario kit + a Akrtapovic exhaust and HID lights ... 009_01.jpg

    I know that you can find some old T Max 500 in Pattaya, but generally with not Green Book as most of them are recombined and/or/or stolen abroad...
  15. KZ

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    The tallest bike I ever had was the XR650L - I looked down on my buddy on his BMW GS 1000. Had to tilt the bike at a red light to touch down with one foot, and I'm 5'10 (1m79) !

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