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  1. I spotted this place on my last bike trip, they are an Australian/Thai company that make Bike and Car trailers. They are of high quality and would be the first ones I have seen with DISC brakes. Dont know the prices but if you go to this site you can look at the Pics and talk to them. They will deliver to you.
  2. Wow, the goofy gif on the front page of their website doesn't exactly instill much confidence...

    Personally I've been very happy with the products and service of Upbeat:
  3. A few weeks ago I sent them an inquiry by email, 1 week later a reminder.
    No reply until today.

  4. All those asked and answered questions are a sales pitch. I would be happier to see axle and tire load rating then here them tell you drum brakes are no good. 99% [or more] of trailers built in america use drum brakes. I prefer forged steel to cast iron any day. If someone mfg axles and hubs here it would be a breeze to build your own bike trailer. All the ones i have seen advertised were way ott in price.
  5. Having been on a similar quest I understand your needs and views on costs.
    IME, having had considerable problems with a company producing "Twinner" trailers in Udon,
    I would echo TonyBKK's advice and go with Upbeat.
  6. To add to your choice:- Bernhard Munz Import-Export Co. Ltd., in Chonburi. Website phone number 086 047 1238. I've been to this guy's premises and he stocks all kinds of trailers. Most of his trailers are imported from either Germany or Holland with some well known brands.

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