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  1. OK to stop me just bungeeing a small rucksack on the back.. I am gonna want some saddle bags, ideally something generic so can be thrown over whatever the ride will be (road bikes almost def). Although I can see the advantages I dont want to go hardboxes and mounting kits.

    Any good sources in Thailand ??

    Looking for something like ... lebag.aspx ... l-Bag.aspx

    But open to all suggestions.. Wants to be cheap.

    Thinking items like this may be better to just mail order it ?? I mean both the above for a full set comes to 200 USD.
  2. Ive been using a Tour Master Tail bag for several years & am 100% happy with it. All the zips are still good & nothing's torn after thouasnds of kms of "gentle use."
    The model I have is no longer available, but the replacement model is ... 141&cat=32
    The built in bungy cords are brilliant. I can fit enough in the bag for 10-14 days on the road, & almost don't need anything else.

    I also recently bought some IXON
    X COMP saddle bags. These are the smaller sport model, as I dont feel as if I need anything bigger.
    The IXON gear is good quality & inexpensive = excellent value for money.

    Another really good site with quality gear is Road Gear

    But unfortunately none of the above stuff is available locally.

    An option might be to check out what is available in Singapore & get it from there.
    Take a look at the Motoworld website
    or contact the GT Rider parts supplier Chan Kok Pyng at M-Techik
    and see what he can do / get for you. Chan has an extensive network of Singapore riders frequenting Thailand & they always bring parts & accessories for us.

    Last but not least, go for "quality value for money". Not the el cheap stuff as it wont last long; & you'll be cursing after a few months & needing to import something else. Get it right the first time & you'll be a very happy contented motorcycle tourer.
  3. Have been looking for the very same thing. The sites David recommends are good.

    Personally I am looking to order the Oxford Sports Panniers.
  4. Big C Phuket

    go down to basement, turn right off escalator

    shop there selling various saddle bags, whilst these nay not be exactly what you are after, at least its local
  5. Depends if you appreciate the same 'look' as TJ does...


  6. Looks like internet orders is going to be the cheapest and best selection..

    Will see how it goes.. Of all the stuff I have browsed that fieldsheer gear still looks the no 1 to me.
  7. The DirtBagz link that Pee posted are the best soft bags i have come across. Riding them 20,000 KM's on and off road and crashed them a few times. Still holding up and the zippers are bomber.


    Keep in mind these hang over the seat but also requite some inexpensive racks to be built up for off road. Slinging them over a road bike should be no problem.

    Best of luck.[/img]
  8. BignTall , thanks for feedback
    Shopping online is not always easy... Just 3 more questions about your DirtzBag
    1) Are they waterproof?
    2) The bag we see on the picture; is this the "ranger" or "scout" model(or neither)?
    3) You write "Keep in mind these hang over the seat but also requite some inexpensive racks to be built up for off road"... Aren't these racks provided when you buy the bags?
    I read on the webpage : "Scout or Ranger sets includes brackets, bags and hardware"

    Bill went for Ortlieb thin dry saddlebags for their waterproof qualities ... 16158.html

    However he says the mounting is not straightforward.
    My plan is to order the brackets from DirtBagz as they seem to be model specific. And order the Ortlieb bags.
    Hoping they would be compatible...
  9. hi! if interested I have brand new saddlebags for sale!Macadam brand.
    for more informations,you can Email or contact me on my thai number:060894744. I m based in savannakhet,opposite Mukdahan.
  10. I would be interested in a bit better of a look..
  11. Slightly OT...but, as a 'Cheap Charlie' I've yet to feel I need a rack and saddlebags.

    I've been able carry everything I need by using an "Ocean Pack" waterproof diving bag, which are available in the sports Dept of most malls. These durable diving bags are available in 15/30/40-liter sizes. I normally use just a 15-liter bag, which served me well on a 2-month trip through Cambo/Laos/Issan. In addition to the bag, which contains meds, clothing, etc., I also carry a small tool bag; both lashed to the rear rack.

    Last Dec/Jan I required more room...I was attending a wedding in Snooky, so a 30-Liter bag was I was also carrying dress suits, shoes and neckties :D
  12. I too am normally pretty cheap.. But a good set of universal soft bags.. Those should be a purchase worth making and last through a few bikes.
  13. CDRW - Dry soft bags are indeed great. Inexpensive over here also.
    For us midgets the saddlebags are a benefit since i can get on the bike without having to swing my leg over a stuffed bag on a rack. I've fallen over quite a few times doing just that. with my Dive bag on the dirt bike.

    Pee - 1. No. the bags are not waterproof. I use 1 1/2 gallon ziplock plasttic bags that fit inside the pouches perfectly. They held up fine for a 4 week trip in Laos and 3 weeks in Cambodia. nothing ever wet.

    2. They are the original size which i beleive are the Scout.

    3. Since I brought them over from the states they did not have brackets for my bike so I made the brackets up over here. I beleive you can purchase the bags by themselves for cheaper and also save on shipping. If you're lazy though I would go ahead and get the ready made brackets to make it easier.
  14. Dear Davidfl

    Did you buy your tourmaster tail bag in Thailand? If yes where and do you know if anybody sells them in Thailsnd?

    It looks very good, might buy one for myself.

    Thanks and regards
  15. Had to get someone carry it in from the states. A great bag & "almost" big enough to stay on the road. I can jam enough into it for 2 weeks & make do with that.
    Pic below on the road in the wet, coming back from Laos. Note the rain cover over the bag.

    Below on the MHS Loop
  16. Dear David

    Thanks for the info. I had a bag more or less like that (no barnd, cheap cheap) but it tore at te zip last time in Cambodia.

    I will see how I can get one over from the US.


  17. Pee
    Dirtbagz brackets would still need modification if your gonna fit Ortlieb thin dry bags.
    I believe the dirtbagz brackets (DBB) are pricey so probably better to make/have made the brackets yourself.
    On the DRZ, the DBB keep the bags off the exhaust but pass under the side fenders which means the bags rub against the fenders. Not a big problem but will probably scratch them up over time.
    I made some stainless brackets that go over the fenders and then added small brackets to the Ortlieb bags to get them to lock in snuggly.

  18. Big n' Tall,

    Thanks for feed back again. The 1 1/2 gallon ziplock plasttic bags that fit inside the pouches perfectly are certainly handy... I
    prefer to minimize the number of items I need to take with me and will probably choose the Ortlieb bags. It looks a more straightforward option.


    Your experience saves me costly-inappropriate order through the web...
    I appreciate the pics you posted.
    When I find a place to carry this kind of work these pics will be very useful to explain exactly what I need them to do.
    Thanks a lot,
    Ride safe and fun,
  19. I just bought some great saddle bags in Chiang Rai. The shop orders them from Bangkok and they arrive the next day. The kind you pay $400 or more in Canada for. I paid 3900 Baht for mine (about $125)

    The place is called S. Anann Mechanic, in Chiang Rai. The owner, Boehm, is a Thai friend of mine and trustworthy with both repairs and sales.

    The same bags in Chiang Mai are between 1000 - 2000 Baht more.

    I have more info about his shop on my website:


    Mon and Kurt

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