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  1. Hi
    I'm on a two month tour of vietnam and laos. I'm currently in Saigon/HCMC and I'm thinking of buying a bike. I don't want to have to rely on the bus service, I feel quesey at the thought!

    I have also read a fair bit on licence requirements (I have and international licence) and some of the tour blogs that people have posted. So with a relaxed atitude i'm partially informed.

    However in buying the bike (a honda 125 or 110) does anyone know about the documentation needed from the seller? Any other pratfalls to avoid or advice on the purchase would be welcome. If I was staying in Vietnam I might nopt worry about it. If I cross the border to laos and later on, back again, I want minimise the border problems. Assuming this is even possible with a bike bought in Vietnam!?

    So any help and with a bit of luck I may even find someone with a bike to sell. I post in hope!
  2. Hi,
    The little I know about Vietnamese registration etc, Is that who ever physically holds the registration card ( can be any name) is the owner. I have bought a Viet rego bike outside Vietnam and ridden it out of Thailand and across Cambodia and into Vietnam, my name never on any document. Cambodia is especially easy as they never bother with any paper work.
  3. Hi Harry
    Thanks for that. Much appreciated. That is certainly one of the options Ive found out today having spent a morning wandering around HCMC! Some say it can only be sold to a Vietnamese, but that might support what your saying.

    Any other views gratefully received.
  4. Get the following from the seller:

    1. The "Motorbike Registration Certificate" (Dang Ky Mo To, Xe May).
    - Its normally printed in English & Vietnamese & is a plasticised blue coloured document about the size of two (2) credit cards conjoined. The (original) owner's details will be on the front with the bike details on the reverse.

    2. The original copy of any Insurance Certificate covering the bike.

    3. A signed "Legal Papers of Selling / Giving / Offering Motorbike" (Giay Ban / Cho / Tang Xe May).
    - This is a one page official document supplied bu the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, recording:
    i) the name & address of the seller;
    ii) the Motorbike description;
    iii) the name & address of the new owner;
    iv) details of all papers given to the new owner (eg, Motorbike Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate).

    Ensure that the seller attaches a copy, front & back of their official Identification Card (Giay Chung Minh Nhan Dan). This will include the seller's photo on the front & fingerprints on the reverse.

    If the bike has passed through several hands, seek copies of these papers covering each transaction so as to be able to follow the paper trail (although I doubt most Vietnamese will retain documentation to this level relying more on the approach that he who holds the Motorbike Registration Certificate is most likely the owner).
  5. Rod
    Thank you. That's really useful. Especially the bits in Vietnamese!

    As an aside I went into a Honda and then Suzuki main dealer and they were not only happy to sell to a foreigner but when I showed them your email they could also provide the info. Maybe that was just the salesmen in them!

    Anyway, again, thanks for your reply.

  6. Let me know how you get on. I arrive in HCMC next week looking to get a 67 or Benly to head north and then into Laos with. Thanks for the great info Rod.
  7. Hey Ras, Ive got a 125cc Bonus for sale in Ho Chi Minh if you are still looking, $350 us. check out this forum for the details
    even if you just need a bit of advice,
    call me on 0168 348 7388 vietnam number, names Hudson
  8. Hudson Hi
    Thanks for the post and the telephone number, much appreciated. Would have replied sooner but it's been a while since I looked at my emails.

    I have since bought a Honda Win (Chinese i think) and have ridden from Dalat to Hoi An so far. Having a ball.

    Hope you have luck selling the bike and thanks again.

  9. Ross,
    I've just got back into the swing of your post.
    Great to read all goes well. Trust you got the paperwork in order with your purchase.
    I'll be riding through the north in Feb/March so want to catch you before I head off/before you finish to see if you can post a rough itinerary of where you plan to ride & especially to make sure you'll post a trip report in time. Let us know also what information asssited you in planning; its not easy to get buckets of info on VN.
  10. no foreigner can own a bike. Am planning to buy a step-through soon and put it in a VN friend's name.

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