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  1. actually there are three clubs in town: At leat these are the ones I know of may be others?

    If between 90 and 110 KMS this is probably your cup of tea this is probably the best group for you, primarily Thais, Don't know what they are doing these days but they used to have rides every weekend on Sundays. They were intersting rides usually under 300KMS. You will hook up with other Thai group riding with the. You will also get to see some very different places since they know about them. Pretty good group of guys a fwe farangs do ride with them. Yuo can contact Oiue at the Pahntom Accessory shop, it's on the road by the rail road tracks down from the night market, going towards AEK it will be on your right.

    The other group is Udon Super Bikes, just what the name imply's, if you think 160 Kms is a good cruising speed this is the group to be with I don't really know that much about them or how to contact them, casue 160 scares the heck of me. These guys have great equipment the few times that I have ran across them, they have been very friendly just seem to be nice guys. Again primarily Thais and a few farrangs. I rode with of thier group today and another guy occassionally rides with them. Both of these guy said that they ride in the back of the pack and pretty much, wait for the group to stop and catch up with them. I could not keep up with these guys today They were constantly waiting on me which was very nice of them

    Another group just being formed is the White Devils, four farrangs and two Thai so far. I can't comment about thier riding style I know of few them but it's bit early to see where it's going.
  2. Hi ray
    I started the club about a year ago as there was a few of us that liked doing our own thing but never really got any where as there just wasnt a enough of us since then a few more bike riders have come into the area so we decided to start the club again due to alot more interest. we also will be opening some club rooms very sortly and will be holding weekly rides. Club is for 400cc and up mainly choppers but a few of us ride sports bike as well as second bikes. As for riding style we have a mix bunch so we just go with the flow. There are a few rules and regs for becoming a member as well as a monthly fee but nothing to damanding. And a new member has to be voted in 100% by current members. anyone one that is addicted to motorcycles will injoy our members and club. We also try and involve our better halfs as much as possible.
    Anyone that would like to meet up for a ride or thinking about joining just ask Me or Macattack for contact numbers
  3. Since the post I have gotten to know more of the guys, great bunch of guys and a good thing I would say.

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