Bike Events October?

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  1. Khan kean has this going on, not a bike event if it doesn't conflict with an event it might be fun. Couldn't be all bad sponsored by Lite Beer. I checked the event schedule don't see a thing fo October anyone know of any bike events going on?

    I'm trying to find the exact date, now. So far all it says is October

    Koei Esarn Farang Festival - October 2008
    by admin on Sat May 31, 2008 4:31 pm

    October 2008 - Khon Kaen university will be host to a 'first of its kind' Koei Esarn Farang Fesival'. The actual date has not yet been arranged so more details will be posted here as things develop.

    Koei Esarn Farang (Western Husband of an Esarn Lady) is dedicated Westerners and their Thai wives who live in the Esarn area. Several thousand couples are living in the area so it should be a big event.

    The weekend festival will host live tribute bands playing Western classics, international food stalls, international drink and there will be an oppourtunity for local businesses to promote their products and services. It will be a good chance to meet new people, network and have a good time.

    Discounted hotels will be on offer during this time.

    Please contact Howard of Castle Howchow Beach Resort Hotel on 08 9417-8504 or you can contact him via the form on his website here:
  2. Ray

    I should be still home in Oct, so we are joining for you guys there.
  3. That is one nice place,, we been looking that erlier and as it's only 3.5h from us, we might go there before actual even, just to have a look and drop by in KK same time say hello to friends there
  4. Well this year for a lot of us money is tight and fuel is high. So in the end I will do the research send out to the guys and let them decide what they want to do. Either one is fine with me. so far it really doens't look anyhitn else going on that month. The actuall light and boat show is only one day I need to find out what day that is.
  5. Phitsanulok Bike Week, we are hearing that will be in October, any got any info?

    If so it will take priorty

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