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  1. Anyone hired a bike in Bali? Dave and I are trying to decide where to go for our 3 week xmas hols. Want to take bike or hire bike. We are in BKK at present. Malaysia is a possibility but it is wet then and we have to get TDM transferred into Dave's name for that. Vietnam is a problem as 2 up on a Minsk is not a welcome proposition. We have done a lot of riding in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

    Input welcome guys!

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  2. I was in Bali a couple of years ago. All I could find to hire was a 110-cc or 125-cc Honda. Did nearly all the roads in 2 days, Bali is not that big. I saw one couple on a 110-cc. They seemed to be pretty happy, but were doing minimulist travel-one back pack for both of them. Traffic is slow so you'll not find much need for a big bike. I was able to keep up with everything except for a couple of guys on hopped-up 125's. I took my own helmet, but a couple of the shops had loaners... dirty though.
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  3. Hi guys, Ive been to Bali 6-7 times an you will love it, last time we rented honda Tigers, there 200cc 4strokers get along well.
    If you are staying around Kuta, towards the end of Jelan Legian, before bemos crn/ round-a-bout, stacks of guy with bikes for hire hang out there.
    Paid 40,000 rupea per day,$6 aud, riding around the Isl is easy as.
    Look for the best "nasi champoor" rice an chilli and other yummie bits an pieces, theres a good dive spot on the east coast called Tullumben, but the cool chill out is over at Gilli Trawangen, of the coast of Lombock, you can catch a ferry there.
    Have a great time over there and have a Bintang for me,a long neck 1.50au.....Scott
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I finally found a website yesterday which mentioned Honda Tigers - looks like a good laugh. We quite like pottering round at a slow pace sometimes, makes a relaxing change.

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  5. I'll second Scott's suggestion for the Gilli's. After rolling around Bali for a couple of days I got tired of the drunken tourists in the bars (Scott, do Aussi's drink like everywhere? :cool: ). A ferryboat ride to the Gilli's was a ferryboat, then a bus, then a longtail outrigger to the Islands. I was there in the off season, so prices were low, like a nice room cost less than a couple of beers. No vehicles are allowed on the islands. Transport is by donkey cart, so you don't have to worry about renting a motorcycle. Take a good book. There was Internet there, but slow and subject to electricity being on or off.
    I saw a few big bikes on Bali, like H-D, BMW F650, and a Transalp. The Transalp had come in by boat and the guy who owned it paid more to get it in than it was probably worth. The 200-cc Tiger would be a "big bike" to the locals. Get two of them, the traffic is slow and once you're out of the main towns the roads are nearly empty. A good place to hone your "going slow" skills.
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